22 Iconic Moments Creators Had To Fight Hard For

Sometimes, things that seem like a no-brainer ... aren't.
22 Iconic Moments Creators Had To Fight Hard For

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You know that character who's such a staple of a show that you can't imagine the series without them? As it turns out, somebody behind the scenes might have had to go completely to the mat to make sure they weren't cut. Same goes for the music, or the setting, or even major plot points.

We asked readers to come up with major parts of movies and shows that would have been axed, if somebody hadn't stood their ground. The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

When ERIC HEISSERER pitched the idea of adapting Ted Chiang's short story Story of Your Life for the film ARRIVAL, studios advised him to get rid of
While editing The Karate Kid (1984) the studio wanted to drop the drunk Miyagi scene where he his wife and child, saying it mourns slowed the movie do
First Blood originally ended with John Rambo shooting himself. However, after the scene was filmed, star Sylvester Stallone predicted that audiences w
Walt Disney eww! didn't like the iconic scene of the romantic dinner in The Lady and the Tramp (1955) He thought that two dogs eating pasta would be a
22 Iconic Moments Creators Had To Fight Hard For
Fox wanted a bustier, taller' woman to play Scully on The X-Files. Gillian Anderson would have never landed the famous role if it wasn't for the sho
Censor Joe Breen almost had the most famous line in GONE WND WITHTHE replaced with such alternatives as: Frankly, my dear, I don't give whoop! a Thank
The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, always had Bryan Cranston in mind to play Walter White, but the executives at CRACKED COM AMC wanted John
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) was rejected by every major studio in Hollywood because they didn't think the franchise could work if it were shot
The theme song for Beauty and the Beast was originally intended to be a rock song, until Angela Lansbury told the executives how much she disliked it.
Studio execs wanted Phil Connor's failed attempts to keep the homeless man from dying cut from Groundhog Day for being too downbeat. Harold Ramis, the
NETWORKS REFUSED TO DO THE SOPRANOS BECAUSE OF THE THERAPY ANGLE They didn't like the idea of a mafia boss going to see a psychiatrist. DAVID CHASE di
Warner Bros. wanted FEWER GREMLINS CRAGA in Gremlins. Luckily, Steven Spielberg's sarcastic response: Well, we could cut all the Gremlins out and cal
One of the most heartbreaking moments in Up almost didn't happen. Your Baby and YOD Director Pete Docter had to convince the studio to keep the moment
Alfred Hitchcock had to use mind tricks to convince the Paramount censorship department not to cut the iconic nude murder shower Devun scene in Furull
Wonder Woman's iconic No Man's Land scene almost didn't happen. Crew members who worked with director Patty Jenkins wanted it cut because apparently,
THE TERMINATOR could have lost the robot skeleton scene. The chairman of the film studio didn't like the unfinished shots and demanded that the film e
Cameron Crowe fought to keep SaY Anything's most iconic scene. John Cusack thought that holding a boombox over his head, professing his love would com
The Bohemian Rhapsody opening sequence of Wayne's World was an instant pop culture hit and managed to revive the classic Queen single... ...but the
The song over the Rainbow would have been removed from the film The Wizard of Oz had associate producer Arthur Freed not fought for it to stay. MGM
Seinfeld NBC executives hated The Chinese Restaurant. Larry David had to fight just to get the episode aired and almost quit. UY It went on to becom
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