18 Mic-Drop Celeb Answers To Boring Interview Questions

18 Mic-Drop Celeb Answers To Boring Interview Questions

Press junkets are grueling, irritating processes. You're whisked from room to room, meet forgettable interviewer after forgettable interviewer, and made to answer (mostly) the same questions over and over. It's not much better for the interviewer, either. They're just here to do a job. And sure, you get to meet a celeb, but you just met 80 other celebs. And you have to act cheery while delivering questions you just know aren't setting you apart.

Celebrities and press do a ton of interviews, and most of the time they stick to a stock list of questions and answers. But sometimes -- if you're lucky -- a famous person will give a spectacular, brilliant, unexpected answer to a very, very dumb question. And that's where comedy happens! And guess what? We're a comedy website! Just, uh…don't necessarily try any of these on your boss or anything. You probably won't end up on Cracked. Here are some of the wildest:


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