20 Award-Winning Movies And Shows (Now Cringeworthy)

There really should be a five-year delay before awards are handed out.
20 Award-Winning Movies And Shows (Now Cringeworthy)

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It's award show season, which means we all get to endure an endless parade of rich people with easy jobs congratulating one another. And while awards seem to make at least some sense at the time they're handed out, it's only a matter of time before the winners look like incredibly bad choices.

For example ...

CRACKED GO A COSMIC WAR ARGO 2012 Best Picture, Best Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Winner An entertaining enough movie when you were seei
Crocodiee' CRACKEDCOR DUNDEE Paul Hogan won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy playing the titular character. What was once a quai
ELEVEN BEST PICTURE ACADEMY IN 1960. AWARDS Hugh Griffith won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1960. for playing rich Arab stereotyp
WALT DISNEY RECEIVED AN HONORARY OSCAR FOR SnowWhite AND THE SEVEN OWARFS Film innovation aside, a movie that implies women become less beautiful as t
Mister Ed won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Comedy in 1963. The show about a talking horse and his owner, Wilbur, has aged like milk. Wh
AS GOOD AS IT GETS The 1997 award season favorite gave both Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt an Oscar. Nicholson stars as a bigoted novelist dealing with
CRACKEDco niptuck tuck won Best Television Series Drama at the 2005 Golden Globes. The series, about two horny male plastic surgeons, only existed to
CRACKED COM GLADIATOR Won best movie. Won best acton Basically an overrated action flick.
OUT OF EAFRICA Winner of the 'Best Picture' Award in 1986... ...despite the fact that it is a cliched, extremely slow-paced romantic drama that just h
OLbIVE R is a fine film, Fwt but Carol Reed's win for Best Director was undeserved. The truth is, Oliver! is just another run-of-the-mill musical that
20 Award-Winning Movies And Shows (Now Cringeworthy)
GLORY won three Oscars in 1989, including Denzel Washington's first. It's the story of an all-black Civil War regiment, as seen through the eyes of...
CRASH was nominated for 111 awards. It's just a bunch of stories about stereotypically racist people who, through a series of coincidences, learn they
MANHADAN won the BAFTA Award for best film in 1980. SH MERLAL In retrospect, it's unseemly to praise Woody Allen for making a film about his romance w
The winner of eight Oscars and four Golden Globes, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is just a series of fortunate coincidences mixed together with cliches and ster
KEVIN COSTNER DANCES WOIVES WIT6 GRn This movie set the bar for White Savior tropes in Hollywoodo It won Best Picture over Goodfellas. WINNER OF SEVEN
SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Looking back at Academy Awards 1999s Best Picture... It's just a tongue-in-cheek rom-com that's not different from any of the othe
CRACKEDCO Artistic and gorgeous, yet forgettable. The movie's hype is less about the film and more about how an actor finally won an Oscar. BLOOD LOST
ONE FLEW OVERTHE CUCKE'S NEST 'WON THE BIG FIVE ACADEMY AWARDS IN 1976. Looking back now, the portrayal of Nurse Ratched (wretched? ratchet?) as an
CRACKEDCONT Heip the Winner of 80 film awards in 2012. Just another film about white people solving racism.
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