24 Famous Criminal Cases (With Fascinating Details)

24 Famous Criminal Cases (With Fascinating Details)

Thanks to the hard work of dedicated historians, forensic psychologists and even an assortment of amateur true crime podcasters, we all know that high-profile criminal cases are packed with horrifying, gory details. From grisly crime scene photos to harrowing first-hand accounts, we've become accustomed to these details being readily available for the masses to consume. The thing is, they're also full of incredibly strange facts that often get completely overlooked. But with movies like Zodiac and shows like CSI, it's easy to see why we're so eager and excited to know all about the juicy, salacious bits of these investigations. It's natural that no one's first thought is to think about which serial killer asked Sean Penn for an autograph or which murderer had a knack for memorizing encyclopedias. Luckily, our readers are happy to spend time tracking down proof that criminals are not only sick, but they're weirdos, too.

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Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. the Night Stalker, was locked up in the same jail as Sean Penn. While Ramirez was awaiting trial in county jail, he ran into
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