You might think that people in small towns live in quaint little bubbles, but the fact is, we all do. And you don't realize how quirky your little corner of the world is, until you travel to other places. And it's not just that fries are chips and chips are crisps. It's everything.

For example …

Entry by DilipG

CRACKED COM IN Bulgaria, people nod to mean no and shake their heads to mean yes. I NO YES

Entry by deathpod

Tim My visiting Dutch relatives Houlons were aghast. hearing of I7-yr old me ALWAYS FRESH hanging out at coffee a shop. DRIVE THRU TEre Hortons CRACK

Entry by kunal_ansh

Innsbruck Linere Reutte Obersteof FOss y-Matelbero Somthalen CY oD When driving on the German Autobahn, make sure you don't run out of fuel. A fine is

Entry by BuffaloGreg

CRACKED co Louisiana is divided into counties, just like any other state, But t'hey refer to them as PARISHES. The original borders were not marked ve

Entry by DilipG

Ethiopia follows a calendar that is seven years behind 3M1 the rest Of the world. CRACKED COM

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