We all know celebrities are just like us! They have trivial everyday problems and make silly mistakes just like the us average joes. Wait, what? You didn't know about some of these celebrities' harsh pasts? Well, strap in and get ready to have your mind blown. From a high-profile sex scandal to a stint in prison, these celebrities had some pretty rough times before making it big. Read on for more shocking details!

From DUIs and drugs to sex scandals and more, these celebrities have had some pretty harsh experiences. Some of them are absolutely wild and surprising! We’re still picking up our jaws off the floor. 

It's tempting to think of celebrities as having either ridiculously good luck or having ridiculously many doors open to them. However, it turns out that some of the world's most renowned people have had to endure incredible adversity to get to where they are now.

Keep scrolling to see some of the surprising origins of your favorite stars…

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKED cO COM Pat Morita was hospitalized from age two to eleven with spinal tuberculosis. HE was sent to a Japanese internment camp after he left th

Entry by kunal_ansh

Beginning when she was five, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher was sexually abused for several years by her uncle, a serial pedophile.S She kept

Entry by Kevin King

DMX'S mother would beat him until she was tired.' As a child, the rapper (Earl Simmons) would get physically abused by his mother, who whipped him w

Entry by ludwig359

MANNY PACQUIAO'S ROAD TO SUPERSTARDOM STARTED WITH HIS DAD KILLING HIS PET DOG. In his autobiography, Pacquiao recounted the moment he ran away from h

Entry by Kevin King

Viola Davis had to search through maggot-filled garbage for food. Kindergarten photo The Academy Award-winning actress lived in apartments overrun wit

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