Bizarre Post-Fame Lives Of 18 Former Celebrities

These famous people took a look around, said 'I can do better,' and bailed.
Bizarre Post-Fame Lives Of 18 Former Celebrities

Day after day, a celebrity uploads something so bizarre that you should have to take a second look to make sure you are seeing it. Kris Jenner, Jessica Simpson, John Travolta, and others have all had social follies that made our aws drop. Celebrities have had no reservations about letting it all hang out on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Being famous seems like it must be a lot of fun. All that public adoration and... swimming pools filled with money, we're guessing? It's not all autographs and limos, though. So much so that some well-known persons opt to quietly stop doing what they're recognized for and pursue other interests. And that something else can be quite strange at times.  From Rick Moranis becoming an ‘agoraphobic cowboy’ to Tom Selleck’s bizarrely unprofitable avocado farm sometimes celebrities find themselves falling down very odd rabbit holes. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise us that the mean older brother from the Wonder Years worked in PR.

Rick Moranis is a shut-in singer. Moranis left movies in 1997 to take care of his children after his wife passed away. Years of being a y-at-home dad
Chunk from THE Goonies is a big-shot attorney. Jeff Cohen managed to avoid the usual child star hell by dropping acting and getting an education. He g
The dad from Family Ties does train stuff. You know him as Michael J. Fox's dad and Burt Gummer in Tremors, but Michael Gross is much better known amo
Bill Berry retired to be a farmer. After suffering an aneurysm mid-concert, R.E.M.'s drummer changed his life and got into, of all things, hay farming
Bizarre Post-Fame Lives Of 18 Former Celebrities
Rebecca Black is... a pretty decent singer, actually. Incredibly, going viral at the wrong age for the wrong reasons (all those reasons being Friday)
Tom Selleck is an avocado farmer. At the height of his Magnum, P.I. fame, Selleck bought a ranch and devoted part of it to growing avocados. During th
The guitarist from The Vapors writes for Doctor Who. 2 DuKg You may know The Vapors for their hit Turning Japanese and for being known for nothing but
Mike Patton voices video games. Have you ever played The Darkness? Mike Patton, lead singer of Faith No More, is The Darkness. That screeching shadow
Dan Spitz is a watchmaker. In the mid '90s, Spitz grew bored with pulling guitar riffs for Anthrax and pursued a different interest: precision clockwo
The big brother from The Wonder Years used to be a PR shill. Jason Hervey (whom you might remember bullying Fred Savage) was in 2003 the head of PR at
David Lee Roth is an emergency medical technician. Between leaving Van Halen in 1985 and reuniting with the band in 2006, Roth got certified as an EMT
Terry Chimes is a chiropractor. After punishing the drums for The Clash and Black Sabbath, Chimes decided to start punishing human bodies instead. The
Neil Armstrong lived a surprisingly unassuming life. While Buzz Aldrin was living the rock star life for coming in second, Armstrong was incredibly re
John Carpenter is a hardcore gamer. Carpenter hasn't sat in the director's chair in a while, but he surE likes to sit in a bean bag with a controller
Robocop is a fine arts scholar. Well, not Robocop (how cool would that be, though?), but Peter Weller (which is only slightly less cool). In 2004, Wel
Winnie Cooper is a math whiz. indl ot TO 7 OFF 25% af 140 140 bee top bHom 4 of 4 40 4 B5 As a teen, Danica McKellar played Kevin Arnold's love intere
Vanilla Ice renovates houses. Trying hard to refrain from sampling Under Pressure still leaves Vanilla Ice enough time to do some house-flipping. He b
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