17 Obnoxious Terms, Translated


Euphemisms have long been a way for people to sugar coat the harsh or boring truths they're trying to get across. We asked our readers to provide translations for the worst offenders and gave $200 to the winner ...

Entry by Paka

Hello. I'm some random 18-35 year old who was out walking when this flash mob started suddenly dancing and drinking Snapples. I thought I'd record it

Entry by anakedjew

Pre-owned And the Well-loved most gross: Pre-loved They all just mean OLD USED CRAP CRACKED COM

Entry by anakedjew

CRACKEDCO Civilan Deaths January 2006 - - February 2008 4000 Coalition and Iragi Reports* 3500 collateral Coaltion Reports Only 3000 2500 2000 damage

Entry by j21

Designed/ Engineered in W Co o MADE IN CHINA CRACKEDCONT

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