17 'Original' Products That Are Actually Total Ripoffs

17 'Original' Products That Are Actually Total Ripoffs

There is nothing new under the sun. For many, there is no original take. Everything has, was, and will be derived from something that came before it. That's how influence works. Yet sometimes things go beyond “influenced” or “based on” or “inspired by” and go straight to “completely ripping off.”

So many different products have been subjected to being ripped off by something else, with that something else getting the popularity, acclaim, and money that they should rightfully have. Board games, video games, anime, and even catchphrases have been pilfered, intentionally or not, by other products to their benefit. There are even cartoon characters with dolls, t-shirts, and other merchandise that are just lifting the personalities of actual people.

There may be nothing new under the sun, but we should let the results of the copyright lawsuit decide. Here are some so called “original” products and intellectual properties that are actually ripoffs. 

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