17 Movie-Ruining Acting Performances


We've all just seen a fine film wrecked by one bad performance, but most can think of a time when such an actor's inspired approach on a part prevented a mediocre film from becoming a disaster.

An excellent film requires a large population of people to do a wide range of tasks. Although cinematography is a complex art form with limitless moving pieces, we watch films to see performers tell stories.

An actor's appearance can make or break a film in a million different and terrifying ways. A lack of interaction with a co-star, as well as irreconcilable differences with a director, can sabotage the whole performance.

Whatever the cause for an actor's successes or failures in part, there's no denying that performing is the factor that determines whether or not a film story is successfully translated to an audience.

A single outstanding performance can save an entire picture. Unfortunately, one bad one can put your life in jeopardy. Accents, affectations, and acting decisions that are beyond comprehension will severely destroy what could have been a fantastic film or television show. Things such as...

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