12 Big Pop Culture Things (That Aren't Even Real)

The good news is, you can now correct other people about this stuff.
12 Big Pop Culture Things (That Aren't Even Real)

The Mandela Effect is a helluva drug. And it doesn't just apply to important South African civil rights leaders instrumental in ending an apartheid state. No, it applies to important things, too, like whether or not Mickey Mouse has a tail or just exactly how in the world you spell Dwyane Wade's name. It's anyone's best guess has these very specific misremembered bits latch on to not just, like, a group of very stoned friends, but instead, an entire populace. 

You probably think your memory is like a camera, taking perfect little snapshots and videos that you can call up at any time and view. It turns out it's more like a drunken uncle who perpetually gets things wrong, but doubles down rather than admitting it makes mistakes. And it is our sad duty to inform you that your drunken uncle has far-reaching implications for pop culture.

Don't believe us? Well ...

12 Big Pop Culture Things (That Aren't Even Real)
EINSTEIN DIDN'T WIN THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR WHAT YOU THINK. sIN uVir Xtxc'y 5-7x-8 X b Einstein was a smart guy, which is why he won a Nobel Prize for tha
SHERLOCK HOLMES NEVER SAID ELEMENTARY MY DEAR WATSON It's probably the World's Second Greatest (after Batman, of course) Detective's most famous lin
FREEWAY LINES AREN'T THE LENGTH YOU THINK. How long would you say the white lines that separate lanes on the freeway typically are? A couple feet? Tha
MICKEY MOUse HAS, AND HAS ALWAYS HAD, A TAIL. Many insist that Mickey Mouse has no tail, and presumably stuffs it down those red shorts with the extra
WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH ? WAS NEVER IN JERRY SEINFELD'S STANDUP ACT. Keen observers of observational comedy may know that while Jerry Seinfeld built a
12 Big Pop Culture Things (That Aren't Even Real)
THERE WAS NEVER A SERIES OF BOOKS CALLED THE BERENSTEIN BEARS. in The Berenstain Bears Kindness Counts weitten by Jan &, MIke Berenatein The Berenstei
RICKY NEVER TOLD LUCY YOU GOT SOME 'SPLAININ TO DO Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo telling his wife Lucy You got some 'splainin to do! is one of the m
THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS JIFFY PEANUT BUTTER. liffy liffy iffy jiffy Jiff liffy lify ify liffy y liffy Remember when mom would make you PBJs with the
TONY THE TIGER'S NOSE IS BLUE, NOT BLACK. elloggs 8.001 FROSTED IFLAKES CRBREATI occzes MIN D NGIWTA4OZ.LR7 OZ Why in God's name would you paint a ti
DARTH VADER NEVER SAID LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER Of all the notable quotables from the 473 and counting Star Wars movies, Luke, I am your father was
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