Fates Worse Than Death For Famous People's Bodies

There’s resting in peace, and then there’s this.
Fates Worse Than Death For Famous People's Bodies

Dying is probably the last terrible thing that will happen to you, right? As it turns out, when it comes to these famous people, it wasn't. Not by a long shot.

Allert Einstein's amazing brain... stolen ...was by pathologist Thomas Harvey. Harvey kept it cut up and preserved in jars in his basement until his w
Eva Peron's open silver casket... ...was kept on display on her husband's dining room table. He later moved her to the attic, where he built a shrine
John Barrymore's very dead bodyq ...hung out on Errol Flynn's couch. A very drunk Raoul Walsh paid the funeral HomE director $100 So he could steal th
James Brown's leg... off ...was cut to provide DNA samples. When the iconic singer died, a bitter paternity battle erupted. The ongoing proceedings pr
Thomas Paine's bones... ...were dug up and paraded around England. Paine was a staunch supporter of the U.S., alienating pretty much everyone with any
Percy Bysshe Shelley's liver... ...got swapped back and forth by his buddies. The poet's body was cremated in a pyre, but his friends noticed that one
Frederic Chopin's heart.. ...was stolen by Nazis. The composer had asked for his heart to be buried thousands of miles away from his body. Instead, hi
John F Kennedy's brain... went missing after an autopsy. JFK's body was buried without his brain, which remained in a steel cylinder in a locked Secre
Oliver Cromwell's dead body... ...was dug up, put on trial, and found guilty of regicide (killing a king). Cromwell was given a posthumous execution -
Joseph Haydn's head... ...went missing for 145 years. Phrenologists exhumed his body to check for a bump they figured determined that he'd be a musica
George Washington's body.. L ...was frozen for three days. The first president was terrified of being buried alive, SO his family froze his body to be
Rasputin's penis... ...was cut off and presented to his daughter. Instead of being traumatized for life, she took the appendage to Paris and put it on
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