20 Ways You've Fallen For Marketing Hype

If you've ever felt bad for buying into the hype, we're here for you.
20 Ways You've Fallen For Marketing Hype

A lot of us talk about how we're too smart or savvy to fall for marketing schemes, but secretly we all do. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

So for anyone who's felt bad for dropping some cash after buying into the hype, just know that you aren't alone.

When 4K TVS first came to my country, the prospect of watching ultra high-definition TV compelled me to install one in my apartment. Did you know that
0 thought this robot cacuum cleaner was really cool But it loves getting stuck under the furniture and in corners and would occasionally try to commit
I couldn't resist the Snuggie ad. Snuggie IT BARELY COVERED MY KNEES EVEN THOUGH I'M 5'1.
CRACKED COM SONY Back in the day Sony Minidisc player was the new Walkman. PPER 0 just had to have oneo TOO bad couldn't find anything to lsten to as
As an avid banana consumer. I bought what seemed like an amazing. easy-to-use cutter. What's amazing is how long it takes to properly wash the remains
I bought into the Total Gym hype. FANY rtalgym The truth is, the machine will only do SO much. You need to lift real weights to get jacked like Chuck
I tried Airborne thinking it was a miracle treatment that would cure my cold. Sure enough, my cold went away eventually... because that's what colds d
CRACKEDCON Radical appearance aside. the only extraordinary experience From eating Black a Whopper was it trning my POOP green.
I was SO excited about this new super-innovative console that I went right ahead and bought Wii the moment it was released. The vast majority of games
My carrier's ads convinced me that paying off a phone in monthly installments is a convenient deal. WAL intati AU iPhone 6 Gr 0. PAore PCes. 3 Rtin= :
I bought a Kangen water machine because they say their water is delicious, healthy and helps in weight loss. After using it for two years, I did not l
witnessing the popular After for it, finally bought a demand at Pumpkin Spice Latte Starbucks. After only two sips I had to stop. lt tasted like sugar
20 Ways You've Fallen For Marketing Hype
CRACKEDCON Finally, a full-fledged sequel to my favorite game series of all time! TONYHAK'S PRO SKATEnD SKATERL Forced Broken online connectivity cont
I bought and read Marie Kondo's NEW YORKTIMES life SELLER changing AEST the 2MLLION COPES SoLwoaLOWO magic of tidying upo life-changing the of tidying
I GOT MYSELF A MULTI-TOOL SO I COULD ALWAYS BE READY FOR LIFE'S TRIALS. I haven't used it more than a couple times to open up some beers. Basically, I
CRACKED COM After various popular YouTubers started promoting peel off masks, E decided to try them for myself. Mask Biack Parifying NTAR off 0 soon r
I thought a vitamin megadose would boost my immune system. URINE COLLECTION CONTAINER Instead it just gave me expensive and neon-colored pee. CRACKED.
Wow, those handleless Segways look so cool. I have to get one! Done. Now what? I can't take it anywhere, I keep falling off and I'm always forgetting

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