Filming a scene for a major motion picture involves massive teams and a lot of steps. It’s a complicated process. The complicated process may seem onerous, but it works and the thought that goes into each step can add up quickly, especially if you're a filmmaker who wears many hats on stage.

The picture of a bespectacled Harry Lloyd dangling from a massive towering clock is one of the cinema's most famous images. Safety first! It was a terrific comedy, and the audience's frenzy peaked during the "clock hanging" scene. What's even more fascinating about this famous episode is how Lloyd deceived us by expertly manipulating our viewpoint. Lloyd, a superb athlete, constructed a timepiece on a tower at the edge of the top of the building. In addition, he concealed the platform with high-angle images and camera techniques.

Have you ever seen a special effect in a movie and thought it was "movie magic" before rejecting it as CGI? Well, it turns out that some of the most magical moments from our favorite films didn’t use computers all–no sir, just regular ol’ elbow grease, ingenuity and a little bit of that show biz, silver screen fairy dust. And that just warms our hearts, folks.

Scroll down for some incredible examples!

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