We here at Cracked like to dredge up the past to remind you that no matter how hard you wish you lived in a previous time period, you're simply mistaken (or crazy). We asked our readers to provide the most horrifying things our ancestors used to do to entertain themselves. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by Mattcee

In France during the 17th and 18th centuries. cat burning was in vogue. This was exactly what it sounded like: burning a sack full of cats for 'good I

Entry by Nirgal

TIGETLACING It weakened the abdominal muscles, deformed the ribs, displaced internal organs and, since their abdomens couldn't expand, forced them to

Entry by tibbymstie

CRACKED GAS CLEANING' ER DRY HOME TO HOUSEWIFE *8 FATAL OSIRAN JME0NNOL GAS NNETRAST The 1930's safety short More Dangerous than Dynamite Was a warn

Entry by luvthecubs

Goldfish swallowing became popular in the late 1930's after Harvard student Lothrop Withington, Jr. ate a live goldfish on a $10 dare. News traveled t

Entry by bazooka

CRACKEDCON In 1959 South African students attempted to set a world record by fitting 25 people in a phone booth. 3:00A tlog TELEPHONE TELEPHONE It sta

Entry by quxeot

CRACKED.COM Rogier van der Weyden Portrait of a Young Woman circa 1460 sources: https://recapturingbeau ty.byu.edu/topics/timeli ne.php, http://www.ha

Entry by Paka

29 Berserk Everyday Activities (Yep, The Past Was Nuts)

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