11 Next-Level Life Hacks

Wealth and etiquette coaches are for chumps.
11 Next-Level Life Hacks

Living that fancy life used to only be for those with the extravagant means to pull it off. But now it's 2017, where wealth and etiquette coaches are for chumps, and the internet can teach you how to fake being a rich asshole.

For instance ...

WHAT TO SAY AT A WINE TASTING Swirl the glass to release more aroma, because smell and taste are entwined. Look at the color to assess the wine's age
HOW TO DANCE AT A WEDDING PART Think perfect posture -that's the first - step in ballroom dancing. The man's left hand and the woman's right hand join
11 Next-Level Life Hacks
DRESS CODES, DECODED Are you puzzled by dress codes? Don't worry, here's what they mean. BUSINESS CASUAL Wear neatly pressed pants (or skirts) with sw
FOOD AND WINE PAIRINGS FOR DUMMIES Just remember that light wines go with lighter foods, and stronger wines go with heavier foods. SOFT DESSERT CHEESE
SHORTCUTS TO UNDERSTANDING WHISKY Whisky terms get us regular folk confused. Well, no more. SINGLE MALT whisky is made in a single distillery (as oppo
THE TABLE MANNERS OF LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Everyone knows not to eat with their hands, but here are some of the less-known rules. When eating soup, mov
A GUIDE TO STYLISH ACCESSORIES PART Anyone can put on a tux, but you can stand - out with an elegantly folded pocket square. PUT THE PATTERN SIDE DOWN
A GUIDE TO PART STYLISH ACCESSORIES Are you completely unqualified to tie N a tie? Go with the classic four-in-hand knot. THE WIDER END IS ALSO THE LO
HOW TO WORK YOUR NAPKIN LIKE A PRO If you want to score bonus sophistication points, use your napkin properly. A napkin should be unfolded in one smoo
HOW TO SERVE WINE PERFECTLY The right temperature and glassware for wine can improve the tasting experience. 70F RED 60F WHITE FROM SPARKLING & ROSE T
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