22 Perfect Celebrity Responses To Critics And Trolls

22 Perfect Celebrity Responses To Critics And Trolls

For whatever reason -- boredom or mental instability or whatever -- people feel the need to leverage social media to heckle famous individuals. Of course, this means when it backfires on them, they're roasting is witnessed by everyone on the planet.

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CRACKEDco A Canadian campaign event went sour when a belligerent woman went on an anti-lslamic rant against sikh candidate Jagmeet Signh, apparently m

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During a speech, heckler a interrupted Joe Biden twice shouting, My friends died. On the third time, Biden said... So did my son. The room fell si

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British comedian Jimmy Carr has mastered the art of destroying hecklers. He has a special part of his show where he encourages their insults. If you w

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22 Perfect Celebrity Responses To Critics And Trolls

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SAABOA Don't #prayfor Anderson Cooper unless you have decent fashion sense. Follow Replying to @andersoncooper @andersoncooper @flash2gordon Mr. Coope

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