The 22 Most Awful Rules And Lessons From Your School Days

Just in case you need any more evidence how messed up our education system is.
The 22 Most Awful Rules And Lessons From Your School Days

It's no secret that our education system here in America is less than stellar. But that's not immediately apparent to people who didn't suffer through some truly bizarre and horrendous shit at their respective institutes of learning.

So, allow us to illuminate you.

In 11th grade, I was homeschooled through a Christian curriculum. The Health textbook stated that women should not work outside the home because the f
My school helped students cheat on aptitude tests. 1. They'd give us printouts of the answers. 2. They'd distract the test proctors SO we could copy o
The 22 Most Awful Rules And Lessons From Your School Days
SMART DUMB KIDS KIDS My second-grade teacher divided the class into two groups: the smart kids sat on one side and the dumb kids sat on the other. Com
CRACKED COM After realizing what terrible job she did a teaching the material, my physics phys-ic teacher turned the final into not an open note test
I had a teacher who would not allow students to arrive after she did. NO Whomever arrived after her was not allowed to enter the class. ENTRY Needless
My school gave students five minutes after Phys. Ed. TO take a shower. Unless it was your TIME OF THE MONTH_ Then you had O yell WIPE OFFI and walk p
My teacher loved to punish his students by telling them to stand on the tables. He didn't care that we had a ceiling fan that hung low. To avoid getti
During his very first lecture, one of my college professors warned the class that he would not hesitate to give us a cif we dared to challenge his vie
My fourth-grade teacher believed in group punishment, So if one student misbehaved, she would punish the entire class by making US write 500 sentences
The 22 Most Awful Rules And Lessons From Your School Days
The yoga instructor in my school used to carry. a whistle with a whip at the other end. If we ever could not hold a pose long enough, he would whip th
CRACKED.COM This scene from Heaven Help Us (1985) is NOT an exaggeration! My older brother endured this exact brand of Catholic high school creepiness
On September 11, 2001, I was in my middle school science class when the terror attacks occurred. Ncw lork Cimes My teacher, using his U.S. ATTACKED HL
At my junior high school in Virginia, physically bullying other students was completely allowed. But if you put your hands in front of your face to pr
Facial hair was strictly hibited at my high school. Violators were forced to dry shave with a used, single blade razor. CRACKEDCON
My ColLege did not allow any discussions regarding politics, homosexuality or gender issues. The failure to comply would lead to expulsion. I had hear
CENTRAL LINN HIGH SCHOOL This the high school I teacherlcoach is went to. A there talk about coach who had gave a pep a licked and healed players' wou
One of my elementary school teachers, a professed religious man, would fiercely pinch a student's nipple form as a of punishment. No matter howinsigni
The day after the Columbine High School Massacre my high school's administration pulled all of the alternative kids - counterculture students, like
A geography teacher was giving a class on the Middle East, its people, and their religions. Upon mentioning Judaism, she remarked matter-of-factly, J

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