We Doublechecked And These Trump Stories Aren’t Fake News

We Doublechecked And These Trump Stories Aren’t Fake News

These days, the media cycle is pretty much populated by "stupid thing Trump did" ad nauseam -- until said stupid thing is causing a nuclear war that ends the media cycle, and humanity, permanently.

But it turns out the Trump-is-an-idiot train isn't really new ground for the news. For example ...

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In 1997, Trump was principal for a day at a Bronx public school where he, as a joke, offered a fake million-dollar bill to the chess club holding a

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Back in the days of the United States Football League, Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals. In a bid to revive the league that began to die aft

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In 1996, Donald Trump crashed a charity event for the Association to Benefit Children and didn't donate a dime. ASSOCIATION TO BENTFIT CH R' A ARC Tru

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Donald Trump CRACKEDCON compared the legalization of same sex marriage to golf. A lot of people - I don't want this to sound trivial- but a lot of pe

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