18 Unfair Ways You're Judging People For Their Stuff

In case you needed another reason to never leave the house again.
18 Unfair Ways You're Judging People For Their Stuff

Here's another reason to never leave the house again: the likelihood that you're being judged by someone (or everyone) for something you're wearing or doing is alarmingly high. But, of course, then you'd be considered the creepy person who never leaves the house.

So you're pretty much screwed no matter what you do. Have a great day!

REIZ Got a Jesus fish on the back of your car? You must be a judgemental, Bible thumping religious zealot. Or you're a normal person who's proud of yo
CRAGK I tend to assume that anyone who owns a Fidget Spinner is either desperate for attention or blindly follows trends. But accusing someone who has
If I see YOU riding around on this glide board thing... 0 would assume YOU are a spoiled and lazy brat. Even though I always think what an awesome pie
When I'd see an old man buying a poro, I'd assume he was a dirty old pervert. Jasuar 1 PEN THOUSE N AASY Niesy TOIONRG t NUDE Ri OOVU IP RL That's a d
When esomeonel using theirmacBook in npublicirollmyeyese and think Boy,! you mustreallyl beacreative type, browsing Facebookover there, withoute eve
I assume anyone with cracked a phone is careless and irresponsible. Even though I know it could easily happen to me one day. CRACKED COM
If I see you wearing a Tapout t-shirt, I will be a jerk and assume you are a total tool/douche. IN Js Obviously based on total sales and some friends,
When I first saw my now-husband's rifle collection, I thought I'd fallen for an ultra- conservative nutjob who wanted to CRAGh overthrow the governmen
If you have all of Nickelback's albums, I'd call you a douchebag. NICKELBAICK EAST ES BOWU/T OFD WAME Which is just me parroting a meme because they'r
When 0 see a person wearing glasses, I automatically assume tha she/he is smart and wiseb It rarely occurS to me that poor eyesight actually has got n
When I see people wearing expensive branded clothes, I assume they buy them just to show off. The reality is that some people are simply willing to pa
If you're wearing a full body track suit, my first ridiculous thought is that you are Slavic. It's a completely incorrect internet cliche, yet I find
Only hipsters buy vinyl records. CRACKED.COM MUSIC CLASSIC That's what I thought until bought a couple myself. I then realized that they really do sou
CRACKEDCON Loser Dude Another Loser Has O friends No friends either 14 Add Friend 2 Add Friend Me, cool fella 1 min 2C I ASSUME THAT IF YOU HAVE A FAC
18 Unfair Ways You're Judging People For Their Stuff
CRACKEDOON IF YOU WEAR A FEDORA IB HORRIBLE THink About I WILL youoo things aboug Even though would probably be wearing one if the internet hadn't pre
18 Unfair Ways You're Judging People For Their Stuff

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