21 Celebs Who Made Oh-So-Random Purchases

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There are two things that celebrities love: attention and money. Given their professions as actors, singers, models, or social media darlings, celebrities use their attention grabbing abilities in order to make money. A giant pile of money. Sometimes obscene amounts of money. So much money that they don't know what to do with it all. So what do they do with that extra money? Guy random things to get attention, of course!

Arnold Schwarzeneggar has enough money, land, and things to randomly blow up to justify buying a tank. In spite of his well-known tax issues with the I.R.S., Nicolas Cage still had enough money to buy a dinosaur skull, just for kicks. We haven't even talked about the gold and jade toilet that once belonged to Oprah. 

It's amazing to find out what celebrities choose to spend their extra piles of cash on. Here are 21 of the most lavish purchases made by famous people.


Entry by khawks

In 1985, Michael Jackson bought the publishing rights to the Beatles Catalog for $47.5 million.

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