25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows

We'd say these episodes jumped the shark, but that'd be the understatement of the century.
25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows

Successful TV shows can't always be perfect, we get that. But the following episodes are just so ridiculously awful, it's hard to believe that the people who wrote them had watched even a single minute of the show they were working for.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION has more than its fair share of clunkers. In Shades of Gray, however, nothing happens except that Riker is infected b
The Seinfeld episode The Puerto Rican Day delved into prejudice in the worst way possible: by practice. Not content with portraying Puerto Ricans as
Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode: The End'' At the beginning of the episode Larry finds out he's adopted, spends most of the episode with his new family,
CRACKED Rachel and Joey were probably the worst match in the history of foRlENS On The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss this farfetched storyline reac
FAMLY GUY Quagmire'sMomistheepisodein whichQuagmire, the hilariousserial rapist gets hisdue and is sent to prison. And the theme of the is that he's
N SAVED BELL BYT The thirteenth episode of Season Two, Running Zack, is about the students at Bayside High giving presentations on their family hist
THE CHARMED EPISODE SHE's A MAN, BABY A MAN! IS PAINFUL TO WATCHo Prue turns into a man to catch a demon who Is murdering men. IT'S FILLED WITH STUPI
Special 9900 Jackpot The TWILGHT ZONE The 17th episode of the anthology series, The Fever, is one of the only bad episodes, and it's as bad as the r
The episode Beer Bad, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is horrible. Buffy gets drunk with some older guys and they all turn into er-craving cavemen bec
25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows
When your favorite show throws away everything it was building towards, it's only fair to be pissed. how i met your mother In Last Forever- Part Two
KING OF HILL THE episode Hank's Bully Hank Hill finds himself being bullied by a 10 year old boy who repeatedly calls him... OLD DUSTY BONES, FULL O
scrubs In My Princess, the show got the fairy tale treatment but it felt more like a gimmick than anything else. The characters' less attractive att
T'har 70 Show S In Season 4, Episode 1, It's A Wonderful Life, Eric Forman has a vivid dream, during which he accurately predicts the 80s, including
Supernatural's Time for a Wedding! is supposed to be funny, but it misses the mark. Becky, a recurring character and cruel joke, essentially uses a
Season 2 BATTLESTAR GALACTIICA BLACK MARKET Apollo is suddenly sleeping with a prostitute because she reminds him of his dead girlfriend not mention
The original STAR TREK had its share of campy episodes, particularly given the technology of the era, but that was no excuse for The Way to Eden, wh
25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows
GAME OF THRONES The episode Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken features a terrible fight scene between the Sand Snakes and Jaime Lannister, and ends with Ram
The Fly episode on BREAKING BAD took the show completely out of its element, and not in a good way. This one did nothing to advance the main plot an
25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows
Episode: First Person Shooterto T H E X fIleS The plot is too absurd and implausible even for an -files episode. Mulder is downgraded to a male stere
IT'S ALWAYS SUNNYN IN PHILADELPHIA EPISODE FRANK'S BROTHER This episode mostly takes place in the 1960s, and it tells the story of Frank's brother G
25 Disastrous Episodes In Surprising Shows


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