15 'Paranormal' Photos, Debunked


AHHHHH!!!!! It's a spooky ghost! Oh no! Wait a second…okay, we're good. Whoosh, big scare there. Damn. Heart rates pounding. But it's okay. Ghosts don't actually exist…we think. Maybe? We could be wrong. Ghosts might exist. The paranormal is a fascinating thing, and we're not exactly mad at it. We love horror movies here at Cracked. We love stories of unexplained phenomena. And honestly? Despite that intro joke, we wouldn't mind being haunted. 

But what we don't love is fakeouts. The paranormal is cool, but lying and hucksters are the opposite of cool. And unfortunately, taking pictures and making them look like paranormal phenomena is easy to do.

It's almost Halloween, which means all your favorite paranormal pictures will be floating around the Internet nonstop. Fortunately for you we're here to help you scream "FAKE" at the right ones. Our readers were tasked with debunking the most famous paranormal photographs out there. 

Entry by quxeot

15 'Paranormal' Photos, Debunked


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