21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health

Science has given you permission to eat more chocolate.
21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health

It seems like these days it's a lot easier for all of us to get super stressed out or really depressed. Fortunately there are a lot of remedies you can implement to turn things around in a hurry that don't involve spending a lot of money on therapists.

But, you know, if you need those therapists, please keep going. For the rest of us, we can do things like ...

PERFECTIONISM LEADS TO BURNOUT. Mental health is linked to how tough we are on ourselves when we don't achieve what we were aiming for. THE QUICK FIX?
Try to wear earplugs around irritating noises. A German survey of 15,010 adults found depression and anxiety to be twice as prevalent in those with hi
Taking CRACKED CON a 10-minute warm shower just before going to bed can be beneficial to people with stress or insomnia. The sound and feel of running
Start eating vegetables every day! Research done by scholars at the University of Sydney clearly found that people who eat 3-4 servings of veggies eac
Good posture can improve esteem and fight depression. Slouching naturally invokes feelings of powerlessness and fear, which can worsen or even cause d
CRACKEDCON PLACE SOME BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS IN YOUR HOME. A study by a Harvard researcher reported an increase in energy and enthusiasm m levels in subjec
CRACKEDCON KISS iineek DAIY Showing affection towards the one we love has the potential to reduce stress andincrease our feelings of well being. This
Cooking can make yOU feel better. A study foundthat using cooking or baking asa creative outiet can improve your happiness when you're feeling down.
Feeling down? PET SOME PUPPIES! Researchers have concluded that interacting with puppies increases serotonin levels in the brain, which can make you f
CRACKED TAKEA POWER NAP. When you're sleepy your brain loses its ability to focus. A simple 10 minute nap will make you feel more alert and clear-head
Wrap yourselfin a blanket at bedtime Participants in a study displayed a reduction in anxiety after sleeping with a weighted blanket. The weight mimic
Get a diary and start writing down your feelings. J..o h Writing about your feelings helps You release your negative emotions and makes YOU feel happi
Feeling down? Reach out and touch somebody! Whether it's a high five or a massage, physical contact relieves stress and releases oxytocin, a hormone t
Want a quick pick-me-up? Spend some money... on someone else. Recent studies show that people who spend money on others are happier than people who do
Singing in a group is therapeutic. The act of singing releases endorphins that make you happy and lower stress. Performing with other people only enha
Need a pick me up? Just dance! cRaun You don't even need formal training. Just the act of moving your body, especially synchronized with music, boosts
CRACKED COM Chewing gum helps you when you're feeling anxious. The act of chewing increases blood flow to the brain, which can lessen feelings of anxi
21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health
CRACKED.COM Eat more chocolates and cocoa. Studies have shown that chocolate and cocoa consumption have beneficial effects on your mood and cognitive
GIVE SOCIAL MEDIA le A BREAK. 10:29 Ficubook g Twitter in Googlet Pnterest t Linkedlin a Instagram ve Tumblr Mpce Flickr MAe Mvetp g Extensive social
CRACKED.COM Feeling blue ? Pop in a sad movie. According to scientists, a good tearjearker will cause you to reflect on your life and your relaionship

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