21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health

21 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mental Health

It seems like these days it's a lot easier for all of us to get super stressed out or really depressed. Fortunately there are a lot of remedies you can implement to turn things around in a hurry that don't involve spending a lot of money on therapists.

But, you know, if you need those therapists, please keep going. For the rest of us, we can do things like ...

Entry by Maclise

Feeling down? Reach out and touch somebody! Whether it's a high five or a massage, physical contact relieves stress and releases oxytocin, a hormone t

Entry by Lolly~

Need a pick me up? Just dance! cRaun You don't even need formal training. Just the act of moving your body, especially synchronized with music, boosts

Entry by jaoafallas

CRACKED.COM Eat more chocolates and cocoa. Studies have shown that chocolate and cocoa consumption have beneficial effects on your mood and cognitive

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