12 Strange Real-Life Events That Changed Famous TV Shows

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If your favorite show has ever thrown you a curve ball, like unexpectedly killing a character or coming up with a sudden and bizarre plot line, there's a good chance something unusual happened behind the scenes.

These are the real-life incidents that made classic shows jump the shark.

In season 2, we meet Dee and Dennis' father, Frank, played by Danny DeVito. IT'S ALWAYS ISUNNYIN IN PHILADELPHIA The addition to the gang happened bec

In season 4, Frasier decides to go to a radio psychiatrists' convention on the spur of the moment, and Niles takes over as the host of his radio show.

The finale of season 3 ends with a huge twist- Dr. Zack Addy turns out to be the apprentice of the cannibalistic serial killer Gormogon. BONES The wri

In season 5, Darrin disappears for a few episodes, and when he returns he is played by a different actor. Bew'itched Dick York was on painkillers due

In season 12, Aaron Hotchner leaves the Behavioral Analysis Unit to go on a special assignment, which turns out to be a cover for his relocation in Wi

In season 4, Ben Stone resigns when his boss doesn't allow him to retry a case that ended with a hung jury. LAW & ORDER Michael Moriarty's character w

In season 4, Hyde's boss Leo unexpectedly moves away because he realized he should get back home to his wife. That IOS Show The character's disappeara

Xena gets trapped in the body of her nemesis Callisto for two episodes in season 2. XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS The body switch plot was added after Lucy La

In season 2, Landry kills Tyra's stalker /would-be rapist. However, the infamous murder twist never got a resolution. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS The season w

In season 11, Maude Flanders dies after being knocked off a grandstand by several T-shirts fired out of cannons. tHE SIMASONS Maggie Roswell, the voic
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