14 Infuriating News Stories That Got Buried By Nonsense

There's a lot more going out there to get angry about that doesn't involve Donald Trump.
14 Infuriating News Stories That Got Buried By Nonsense

The news these days is on a perpetual cycle of "Wow, Donald Trump is a terrible idiot" and "Wow, Donald Trump is really trying to doom us all." Which sucks, because there's a lot of non-Trump news out there to get super mad about that isn't getting any airplay.

The World Bank Group has been sued in the U.S. for financing land seizure, murder, and torture in Honduras. The plaintiffs claim that the Internationa
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14 Infuriating News Stories That Got Buried By Nonsense
CRAGKEDCOM A report by Oxfam in January of 2017 reveals that the 8 RICHEST MEN are now as wealthy as 3.6 BILLION people or half of the world's populat
Thanks to the anti-vaxxer movement, measles are making a comeback. Since the afflicted become contagious several days before exhibiting any symptoms t
Arizona republicans are currently fighting to maintain a ban on Mexican- GRAUN American Studies. 10'scontested HB 2281 forbids courses CDESIGNED PRIMA
The total global debt has hit a new record high of $217 trillion. HEOTR 1) 0 That's more than three times greater than the world's annual economic out
Under deadline to CRACKED COM make a decision, the EPA chose not to ban a pesticide that found to harm was children's brains. STATES UNITED NHENTAY AG
The U.S. Army 2015 financial statements had 6.5 trillion dollars' worth of spending without a paper trail. That makes those statements effectively use
CRACKED.COM Turkey is slowly turning into a dictatorship. TURKEY et Journalists Free Fn foen Over the last year, Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdog
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CRACKED The EPA is about to deregulate drinking water for one-third of Americans. The agency is doing away with the federal Clean Water Rule, which pr
CRACKED.COM Scammers are using crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gofundme for their own personal gain. One Kickstarter fraudst
2016 was recorded to be the deadliest year for the LGBTQ community. 27 transgender peopLE were murdered in 2016, overtaking previous records in 2015 (

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