Stanley Kubrick used to have a propensity for causing controversy among the creators of the works he adapted. Whether or not his notorious film adaptation of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ truly did "glamorize gratuitous violence," as writer Anthony Burgess claimed, it significantly changed the original book.

Literature, dramas, as well as comics have always been a rich supply of inspiration for movies - just glance at Even a Christmas Carol, which was initially published in 1901 but has been adapted innumerable times since.

However, though some films meticulously imitate the original, others use it as a jumping off point, resulting in significant changes between both the source and its adaptation. These are amongst the most significant deviations from the classics that the movies have ever produced.

We frequently chastise Hollywood for mutilating the source material for their films. On its journey to becoming a CGI turd, The Lorax drastically distorted the original's meaning, The Hobbit added personalities and love tales, and Super Mario Bros. destroyed all of our young hearts.

However, those merciless Hollywood butchers may sometimes improve materials. For instance...

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