Adulting can be really, really hard. Eventually, you grow up and leave the home of your childhood, and it sucks. All of the sudden you have cook for your own self and…gasp…file your taxes! Like correctly! What knows to do that? They don't teach that in school! There's all these rules and society norms a person has to stick to just to be taken semi-seriously -- who could possibly keep up with it all? It's just too much shit to remember.

Well, now you have your own little handy cheat sheet to reference. Or, you know, internet article. Whatever. We've been so focused on adulting, we forgot what we write. Please accept handy tips and tricks we've put together to help you through your journey as a functioning human. Or! If you're old as we are, print it out, fold it up, put it in your wallet, and show your grandkids. They're appreciate it.

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