21 Handy Rules Of Adulting

Adulting is hard. We're here to help.
21 Handy Rules Of Adulting

Adulting can be really, really hard. Eventually, you grow up and leave the home of your childhood, and it sucks. All of the sudden you have cook for your own self and…gasp…file your taxes! Like correctly! What knows to do that? They don't teach that in school! There's all these rules and society norms a person has to stick to just to be taken semi-seriously -- who could possibly keep up with it all? It's just too much shit to remember.

Well, now you have your own little handy cheat sheet to reference. Or, you know, internet article. Whatever. We've been so focused on adulting, we forgot what we write. Please accept handy tips and tricks we've put together to help you through your journey as a functioning human. Or! If you're old as we are, print it out, fold it up, put it in your wallet, and show your grandkids. They're appreciate it.

WHEN TRAVELING IN A THREE-SEAT SETUP ON A PLANE, The window seat has the best view. k The aisle seat has the easier aisle access. CRAGKEDCOM So leave
If your shirt-tails hang past the palms of your hands, tuck them in. If they're about wrist level you can leave them untucked. CRACKEDCON
CRAGKEDCOM When you're looking at a photo on somebody else's phone - never, ever swipe. Nobody likes an invasion of privacy, no matter how harmless yo
The amount of vouchers, cash, and other perks an overbooked airline offers to their passengers willing to take a later flight are negotiable, SO don't
When you want to take your car to the repair shop . . -aet As a general rule, your mechanic isn't as busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Meanwhile... Avo
When you're cleaning an entire room, always make sure to go from top to bottom and back to front. CRACKEDOON Unless you like sweeping the floor twice
People rarely look their best staring straight ahead When getting your picture taken, angle your face and twist your body a bit for a flattering shot.
CRACKEDCON Colors in your home affect your mood. A good rule of thumb when choosing paint colors is to keep resting areas, like bedrooms, to cool colo
Dress in similar a style to your boss or supervisors. Knowing what to wear to work can be tricky; simply pay attention to your colleagues.
If you're going to put someone on speakerphone, tell them first. CRACKED
When travEling at highway speeds, stay well back of transport trucks, in brake case they suddenly. IF YOU CAN'T SEE MY MIBRORS. ICAN'T SEE YOU! If you
HELP CRACKED COM WANTED 01 If you're in a hurry, avoid any establishment with a Help Wanted sign on the window. It'll have slow service.
CRAGKED.GON Fill the hole in the center of your spaghetti spoon with uncooked spaghetti for a perfectly served single portion.
GRACKEDCO The rule of thumb to help plan walking or hiking trips is to leave 1 hour for every 3 miles forward (plus 1 hour for every 2000 feet uphill)
Have 1 litter box for each cat in your house, plus 1 extra. That should guarantee no mess on the floor! CRACKEDCOMT
Before upgrading to a new operating system you should wait until the second update after the release on Mac or a month or two after a major new releas
11100111 11011000 11100111 11011000 11100111 110 AVOID LOSING PRECIOUS DATA BY USING THE 3-2-1 RULE 000000 100 10110011 11111011 10110011 11111011 101
On a two-button suit, never fasten the lowest button. On a three-button suit, never fasten the lowest button, or only the top button. CRACKED.COM
To avoid damaging your hearing when using headphones you should listen at no more than 60% of the max volume of your music player. For safety you can
If you want to make a good impression on people while online dating, avoid Internet slang! A study by OkCupid shows that the use of those sorts of wor
When looking for a house or an apartment, always check the signal reception of your phone. 10:29 Service No Facebont Safari Satore 10 Contacte CRACKED

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