12 Celebrity Tweets That Take Hypocrisy To A New Level

12 Celebrity Tweets That Take Hypocrisy To A New Level

"Social media lasts forever." "Think twice, post once." "Hey, don't post that really dumb thing to social media you're about to post." All of these are common sayings these days as ways to help everyone not ruin their lives online. Apparently, though, no one told any of these people. And these are celebrities, mind you. That rarefied air of human totally worthy of our idolatry, constant attention, and respect. 

With that kind of social standing and massive fortunes, you'd think they'd have people for just this sort of thing. Nobody likes gatekeepers, but as you're soon about to see - these folk needed one, and maybe more than one. Yeah, these are the posts that were totally preventable, the ones that send publicists up trees at best and under their beds at worst. In tennis, they're called unforced errors. And these are just that. Just a little more thought, gorgeous people. 

Entry by Lolly~

GRACKEDe Chris Cillizza Follow @CillizzaCNN Mccain's Health: What It Means http://tinyurl.com/3tlyx2 RETWEETS LIKES Chris Cillizza 179 165 Follow @Cil

Entry by Lolly~

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