21 Characters That Changed Big Time

21 Characters That Changed Big Time

We all have those awkward phases in our lives. Growing pains are a necessary part of our lives because ... reasons? We actually can't justify growing pains. They're really not fun. You have change habits, talk to people, try therary…it sucks. Like, why can't we all perfectly skate through life without any issues and be awesome and shit?

And sure, I Think You Should Leave's “sloppy steaks” character sagely advises that people can change, but that's more of a “being mature after being youthful stupid.” That's not what we're talking about about today. We're talking about characters who did such a 180 it might as well have been a 540. These characters pivoted so hard, it's almost impossible to tell them apart if you watch a couple of episodes out of order.

Anyway ... fictional characters have growing pains also, maybe become totally different people, so…don't feel bad about yourself. We guess.

Entry by Kevin King

BOY meets WORLD Over the course of the series and the spinoff, Eric Matthews goes from being a witty, cool older brother to a clueless moron who can b
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