23 Widely-Circulated 'Facts' About The Law That Are Myths

We're starting to think law classes should be a requirement for everyone.
23 Widely-Circulated 'Facts' About The Law That Are Myths

Thanks to pop culture, it's safe to say not one of us know dick about the law and legal system in the United States. So much so that it might be prudent for our schools to start making law classes a requirement -- because this is straight embarrassing.

For example ...

MYTH: If a cop doesn't read you your Miranda rights, you can walk. FACT8 Those rights apply to interrogation, not arrest. Despite what you see on ever
MYTH8 Worried about the police? You might be tempted to film them. uct FAGT8 In more and more states, that's illegal. In the past, lower federal court
MYTH8 Remember the woman who frivolously sued when her coffee was too hot? FAGT8 She was actually cripplingly burned. Stella Liebeck, 79, was sitting
MYTH Are you fed up with the Electoral College deciding elections? by state- NH ME VT WA 3 11 ND MT 3 MN 3 NY OR 10 ID 7 SD 31 WI 4 MI 3 WY 10 17 PA 3
MYTH8 Movie and TV serial killers are geniuses (or at least clever). FACI8 Actual serial killers have below-average IQs. A study of over 2.600 serial
23 Widely-Circulated 'Facts' About The Law That Are Myths
MYTH: Did you hear about the woman who sued a haunted house for being too scary? FAGT8 She was chased by a guy with a chainsaw after her tour was over
MYTH8 If you want to be rolling in dough, you should pull off a bank job. FACT8 Bank robberies have very low payouts. In 2010, bank robberies netted a
MYTH8 It takes time to trace a call, so keep that kidnapper talking! FAGT8 Calls are automatically, instantly traced. Thanks to enhanced 9-1-1, land l
23 Widely-Circulated 'Facts' About The Law That Are Myths
MYTH8 60 Minutes ran a story about a man who sued because his ladder slipped in manure. FACT8 He actually sued because the ladder broke. The story tha
MYTHB The First Amendment establishes separation of church and state. LHURCH ST SE 100 SE ST 500 FAGT8 STATE It says that Congress can't pick one reli
MYTH: When the police ask you a question, you'd better answer. FAGT8 You always have the right not to answer. The right to remain silent doesn't just
MYTH: A cop has to prove that you were speeding to issue a ticket. E FACT8 In Ohio, the officer can just guess. That's as of June 2010, when the Ohio
MYTH8 Want to get away with murder? Plead insanity. FAST8 That's not a Get Out of Jail Free card. The Insanity Defense is attempted in less than one p
MYTH: Worried about criminal activity? It's got to be all those immigrants. FAGT8 Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes. First-generation immigr
MYTH8 Remember the mother who sued the school when her daughter was caught having oral sex? SCHOOL DIIC DU EMERGENCY DOOR FACT8 The girl was actually
MYTH: Americans should speak English. It's our official language, right? bridges adj n English Irel language FACT: nritain, ca Nope, and it's nowhere
MYTH8 Undercover officers have to tell the truth when asked if they're COps. FAGT8 That'd be incredibly unsafe if it were true. This is one of those t
MYTH: A family sued Disney when their kids saw characters out of costume. FAGT8 They'd been falsely accused of theft. The Boozer family was accused of
MYTH: You probably think drinking in a bar can't get you arrested. FAGT8 But in states with broad intoxication laws, it can. In 2006, Texas scored the
MYTH8 CSI teams SWeep through the scene of a crime and solve it, fast. FAGT8 That's only on TV. Crime scene investigators don't solve cases. Their rol
MYTH8 When you're arrested, you get one free phone call. FAGT8 Nope, that's absolutely not the law. The one phone call rule is purely a Hollywood in

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