18 Celebrities Who Should Have Stayed In Their Lanes

We're all for branching out, but maybe put some thought into it first.
18 Celebrities Who Should Have Stayed In Their Lanes

We can understand famous people wanting to branch out. After all, even your passion can start to feel tedious when you have to do it every day to keep a roof over your head. But maybe some folks should've put a little more thought into the new things they wanted to become passionate about for money.

For example ...

Want to see Kanye West's short film? You'll need seven movie screens. It's called Cruel Summer. Kanye decided to spread the film across seven individu
Check out this nightclub. It's run by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. It's been shut down for serving minors. In Wentz' own words, he started a bar
18 Celebrities Who Should Have Stayed In Their Lanes
18 Celebrities Who Should Have Stayed In Their Lanes
Enjoy this mixed- media art piece. It's called The Ark of the Covenant. It's Macaulay Culkin's new thing. The Home Alone star and a couple of pals for
Michael Jordan is ridiculously good at basketball. In 1993, he quit to play baseball. Jordan loves baseball, and when he walked away from basketball t
18 Celebrities Who Should Have Stayed In Their Lanes
Remember American ldol runner- up Clay Aiken? LEC 20 In 2014 he ran for Congress. Aiken's popularity with voters on the reality TV karaoke contest did
Meet rapper Dee Dee King. Also known as Dee Dee Ramone. Dee Dee was the bassist and primary songwriter for arguably the greatest and most universally
This painting costs $1,500. on MAKt cUC MANKA Deor DPRLIN I L~al CAUSE Yov w:aw omtYU You Nw w' 5 FASE OH ine mt AVE SHEVLU THanto FUF ta AL mv ae ATR
In the '80s, Neil Young released Trans. It's an electronica album about computers and stuff. His record label actually sued him. Young had completely
Chevy Chase once tried his hand at late-night talk. He flopped spectacularly. Chase's early work hosting Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live seemed
Recognize this financial wizard? Figure-4Process Mortgage Auto Loan Refinance Loan a About Ric Flair Tired of getting the runaround and turndown fro
This was HealthSouth's VP of communications. AKA Wayne from The Wonder Years. The CEO of the Alabama-based rehab chain hired former child star Jason H
Shaq is one of the best centers in basketball history. And one of the worst actors. In Kazaam, Shaquille O'Neill plays a rappin' genie with an attitu
Recognize this celebrity? It's a lf-portrait of Sylvester Stallone. Sly drew this self-portrait in 1977, and has continued to create art (to lackluste
In '02, Britney Spears opened a restaurant. LAN HOT DYLAN HOTEL Ny Then bailed a few months later. Nyla (named after Britney's favorite places, New Yo
Ever heard of Pastamania? It's Hulk Hogan's foray into the restaurant business. SIAMOJ KAN'T It's long gone. The Hulkster launched two varieties of Pa

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