Squirrels! Like Doug from Up!, we here at Cracked will admit to being easily distracted. But what we really don't like is being distracted during our favorite movies and shows. Like we really don't like it.

And sometimes that happens when enough care isn't paid to certain details. Like we don't need to see some dude wearing a wristwatch during a medieval fight scene or Django wearing sunglasses that weren't even invented yet. Or, y'know, a Starbucks cup in Westeros. That's just lazy and unacceptable, and we ought to know because we're lazy and unacceptable.

We know we complain a lot about how Hollywood can screw up some complicated things such as "storytelling" and "having a plot that makes sense," so we won't do that today. Instead, we'll just complain about the little, basic everyday things filmmakers can't seem to get right.

(Shout out to Porter. for the contest idea and giving us another reason to rag on Hollywood.)

Entry by PookieJones

In Friends, Rachel and Monica go out into the hallway to talk. Even though they have two empty rooms in their apartment where they can talk in private

Entry by LilySprite

CRACKED.COM TWO and half MEN a Charlie is obsessed with women... yet somehow can never get their bra off even during sex.

Entry by Kevin King


Entry by Brooklyned

THE WALKING DEAD Apparently, everyone's forgotten how to ride bicycles.

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