18 Surprising Things That Celebrities Believe

You know that good old internet adage "Once you see it"? Well the same pretty much applies here. Because we all have certain images in our heads about celebrities, and once you read these, you'll never be able to see them that same way again.

For example ...

Entry by Kevin King

Mark Ruffalo believes that 9/11 was an inside job. When interviewed at an anti-war rally in 2007, he said: I'm baffled. My first reaction is that bui

Entry by Kevin King

Mike Tyson is a Muslim who voted for Donald Trump. Tyson became friends with Trump before his time in prison, where he converted to NERLAST Islam. CRA

Entry by Scott Laffey

When Hollywood actor James Woods isn't making guest appearances on The Simpsons and Family Guy... HULL 00 CRACKED.COM LOOTING: He slams undocumented i

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

We know that Clint Eastwood is a registered Republican. However, he doesn't share the same views with his fellow Republicans. In fact, he doesn't have

Entry by mkad

Whose music does GRAGKEDO RUN DMC's Darry! DMC McDaniels believe is the greatest in the world, whose music t had the biggest! most positive impact o


CRACKEDOON S ERS Despite spending most of his career dressed as a woman, Barry Humphries possesses some transphobic views. He even described transgend

Entry by deathpod

Before Nevermind: Virvanal had all agreement to split all the royalties equally three ways. 1991. Punk Rock is Freedom. After Nevermind: Kurt Cobain

Entry by mkad

Velvet CRACKED.COM Underground drummer Moe Tucker didn't just support Trump this year... She's been attending Tea Party rallies since 2010. Maureen Tu

Entry by mkad

Morgan Freeman finds Black History Month to be ridiculous. He feels the way to stop racism is to stop addressing it. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Alice Cooper, whom you may have thought is the embodiment of Satan himself, actually believes every word in the Old Testament.

Entry by mkad

Chuck Woolery was the host of Studs, possibly the most raunchy and sexually explicit game show ever syndicated on American network television. He coul

Entry by Maclise

Mark Wahlberg goes to church every day. He credits his Catholic faith with saving him from gangs and addiction, and spends time helping inner city kid


VINCE VAUGHN LOVES GUNS Unlike most Hollywood actors, Vince Vaughn is a huge proponent of guns. He said that he supports people having guns in public,

Entry by Maclise

Whoopi Goldberg is a member of the NRA. ATIONA RIF SSOCAIo -

Entry by Kevin King

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Vegan. In 2016, Arnold adopted the vegan lifestyle as a way to stay healthy. He even made a PSA with his friend and fellow

Entry by PookieJones

The female rock icon Chrissie Hynde believes that women who dress provocatively are responsible if they are sexually assaulted. If I'm walking around

Entry by mkad

You know that stringy sitar music that begins whenever someone CRAUN starts tripping in a movie or tv show? It's almost always Ravi Shankar's (1920-20


Eminem doesn't believe in swearing around the house! wTbiv AEkl HE IKE THE OPE Pe SMOES DOPE