21 Ways The Star Wars Movies Could Have Been Worse

Man, the Star Wars universe is kind of embarrassing.
21 Ways The Star Wars Movies Could Have Been Worse

If you've only ever seen the Star Wars universe because you've seen the movies, consider yourself lucky. As you're about to find out, there's worse stuff lurking past the films that are worse than the prequels.

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the magic she works putting these together.)

21 Ways The Star Wars Movies Could Have Been Worse
Luke Skywalker has become the quintessential hero. He was almost female. Early drafts of the Episode IV script had as the protagonist a 16-year-old gi
In 2005, ABC neartly launched a series called Star Wars Underworld. It was a mobster soap opera. Scriptwriters cranked out 50 hours' worth of what Geo
Think the relationship between Luke and Leia got awkward? It was almost a lot worse Before Empire was conceived, Alan Dean Foster. wrote a Star Wars s
The I am your father scene is one of the most iconic in Star Wars. It almost happened twice. In the original Episode IlI script, we find out that Ana
Chewbacca is Han Solo's faithful sidekick and co pilot. He was almost his dad. In a scrapped storyline from Episode llI, Han is a filthy orphan Jungle
The Hutts are menacing, intimidating Star Wars villains. Exept for Ziro. Jabba's uncle Ziro appears in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, TV series,
Think Supreme Leader Snoke Is a shitty Sith lord? It could have been a Palpatine clone. The Dark Empire, Dark Empire II, and Empire's End comic series
Darth Maul is undeniably badass-looking. He was almost ridiculous. George Lucas encouraged artist lain McCaig to draw the scariest thing he could thi
Ever wish you could build and run your own virtual moisture farm? That was almost a reality. At one point, LucasArts- the game development branch of t
You have to be strong, agile, and well-trained to be a Jedi Knighto Or just a brain in a jar. Ooroo was a Celegian Jedi Master who acted as an instruc
Remember Greedo, the green alien who gets blasted in Episode IV? He once had a backstory. In a deleted scene from Episode l, snack-sized Greedo accuse
Jedi ends with a satisfying boom and the redemption of Vader. It was almost a lot darker. In the original script, Han Solo is killed while trying to d
Think Jar-Jar Binks is the worst possible Star Wars character? Have a look at Jaxxon. Jaxxon was a green, abbit-headed smuggler from the early Star Wa
Han Solo and Boba Fett are sworn enemies. But they could buddy up. In the short story The Last One Standing, Boba and Han decide to become friends.
In 2012, George Lucas green lit a series called Star Wars Detours. Picture Seinfeld in space. It was a CG-animated show with all the characters hangin
Jedi Masters come in various shapes and sizes, but they're all badasses. Except for the bunny. Meet lkrit, the long-tailed rabbit (or ng-eared cat) wh
Darth Vader and Boba Fett are nodding acquaintances. They were almost brothers. According to George Lucas' ex-wife, Marcia, George originally thought
In Episode , whiz kid Anakin builds C-3PO all by himself. He almost had help. In a deleted scene in Episode ll, Padme completes Threepio by putting hi
JarJar Binks Is the galaxy's most annoying sidekick. He almost had his own annoying sidekick. Yup, Jar-Jar originally had a chunky, slobbering best bu
21 Ways The Star Wars Movies Could Have Been Worse


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