Ever been watching a movie or show, and seen some technology that just makes you shake your head? Well, don't shake your head too hard, Debbie Downer, because it turns out that science has pretty much surpassed every dream science fiction has given us. And it's not all good, either.

What’s strange is that some of this stuff is just plain easy to miss. Consider the fact that MIT engineers have already replicated the holographic screen used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report. The Jetson family’s robotic vacuum cleaner is currently available for sale (if you don’t have a Roomba or other robotic vacuum cleaner, they are pretty wild!). The Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Display Device) is actually just sort of a bad iPad. We even have space probes powered by ion propulsion! Don’t even get us started about Dick Tracy’s cool wrist watch.

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Entry by milito

Science Fiction Vs Science Fact, Side By Side

Entry by milito

Science Fiction Vs Science Fact, Side By Side

Entry by Hildifons

CRAGKED.oOM HOLY BIBLE Researchers from the University of Southampton have developed a nanostructured glass they call Superman memory crystal. A dis

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