22 Celebrity Endorsements That Bit Companies In The Keyster

This is why you just CGI dead celebrities to do your bidding.
22 Celebrity Endorsements That Bit Companies In The Keyster

Using Marilyn Monroe to advertise Snickers might seem in poor taste (though, seeing Willem Dafoe in that dress is probably more offensive), but the reward outweighs the risks, really. What risks are we talking about?

Well ...

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

In 1989, Pepsi wanted to appeal to American families. So they hired Madonna. Pepsi used Madge's song Like A Prayer in their commercials, which debut
O.J. Simpson used to run through airports in ads for Hertz. Hertz Then he ran from the police, on national TV. Even though O.J. was no longer making H
I am the bullet in the chamber, said Oscar Pistorius' Nike ad. Just Do It. BULLETIN JUST DOIT CHAMBER Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend. Th
Aflac helps with expenses for people in emergencies. PRINT NE E 904 be Comedian Gilbert Gottfried voiced their mascot. And when the 2011 earthquake an
22 Celebrity Endorsements That Bit Companies In The Keyster
Mikhail Gorbachev was the last leader of the USSR. And he sold Louis Vuitton luggage. In an ad, Gorbachev is shown riding past the remains of the Berl
Kirstie Alley was Jenny Craig's spokesmodel for three years. 2. Feed your soul, then feed your body. 3. Check out your rear in a ful-length mirror the
The Got Milk? campaign promotes milk as healthy. All grown up. In '04 they featured the notoriously unhealthy Olsen twins. In a statement at the time
L'Oreal made an ad featuring a flawless Diane Keaton. Then aired it right after her Golden Globe appearance. The timing would have been perfect, excep
Golfer John Daly struggles with alcoholism. So naturally Hooters made him their spokesman. As part of his compensation for wearing their logo during t
Coca- Cola made Michelle Kwan its brand ambassador. At the same time she was on the President's Council on Fitness. The Olympic skater came under heav
Yardley Cosmetics put Helena Bonham Carter in their ads. Until she announced that she's not really into makeup. Specifically, she told an interviewer,
David Beckham was the spokesman for Brylcreem hair goop. REEM He chopped his hair off anyway. Brylcreem reacted stoically. There is nothing in his co
Charles Barkley was the spokesman for Weight Watchers. GHT WATCHERS ORKING ME and simple. better health is the reason lwanted Watch my progress and st
Alec Baldwin became the spokesman for Capital One Bank. VENTURE -50 to0 LE 5 Then he joined Occupy Wall Street. Baldwin admits that accepting the high
Jessica Simpson launched her own line of jeans in '06. Then she told the press a different brand was her favorite. The holding company for the clothin
Charlize Theron signed on with watchmaker Raymond Weil. Then she got photographed in a Dior watch. Theron signed a contract saying she'd only wear Wei
22 Celebrity Endorsements That Bit Companies In The Keyster
Ziploc bags had Dom DeLuise star in their commercial. And in it, he defeats the purpose of the product. In the ad, DeLuise is hovering over his refrig
22 Celebrity Endorsements That Bit Companies In The Keyster
Oprah posted a gushy tweet about the Surface tablet. Oprah Winfrey @Oprah Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #Fa

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