22 Ways You're Trying To Hook Up (That Don't Work At All)

Spoiler alert: We're all bad at romance.
22 Ways You're Trying To Hook Up (That Don't Work At All)

Spoiler alert: None of us know what we are doing when it comes to romance according to science. Or, at least, we think so. At least some of us are bad at romance. See, these are all pretty much for heterosexual relationships, since the science surrounding any other kind of attraction is shockingly nonexistent. Because we know science won't apologize, like the jerk that it is, we apologize to a lot of our fanbase out there who won't find this information useful.

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

To impress women, you probably act as masculine as possible. But... You'd be better off going for feminine. Experts think it's because of the birth co
You probably think above-a average looks are the most attractive. But... People are most attracted to exactly average looks. Basically, it works like
If a woman is mid- cycle, you'll want to givE her a wide berth. But... That's when she's the most approachable. We're not talking about the fact that
Attractiveness has to do with your face and your build, right? But... It has a lot to do with your ring finger. And not in a tan line from a wedding
Some guys like thin women, some don't . it's a matter of taste. But... It might also be a matter of hunger. A 2006 study had hungry men and satiated m
Your dazzling smile should make you a big hit with the ladies. But... It might actually be turning them off. It turns out that women, when presented w
Dancing is a way to show that you're fun and free-spirited. But... It advertises that you'd make a lousy mate. Scientists say if you suck at dancing,
Not classically handsome? You might think you're out of luck. But... There isn't one type women find attractive. While it's true that there's a narrow
You might be annoyed when a woman's voice gets higher-pitched. But... Don't be. It might mean she's into you. AIthough you might think guys prefer wom
Mom always told you to stand up straight to make a good impression. But... You might try leaning to the left instead. Strange as it seems, people are
One of the basic rules of dating is that you shouldn't smell sweaty. But... Women are attracted to the smell of sweat. That sweat contains sexy, mascu
If you look like a woman's father, that's gotta be a turnoff. But... Women are attracted to men who look like their dads. It's true - people really do
Early in a relationship, you don't want to scare a person away. But... A little fear will accelerate the romance. In one study, two groups of males we
Don't be shy, you say to yourself. Just walk over and say hi. But... You'll fare better if that person approaches you. Scientists did an experimen
You might think tears would make a guy feel loving and protective. But... They're actually a huge romance-killer. It turns out that female tears produ
You might think you need to hit the gym hard to be Sexy. But... Muscles don't make you more appealing. Men and women were shown advertising mock-ups f
You probably think about style when dressing for a date. But... You should be thinking about color. Specifically, you should be thinking about the col
You might look at a person straight-on to make a good impression. But... You should actually tilt your head. And not to the side. Up or down, dependin
Engaging in small talk seems like the best way to connect. But... You'll probably sound like an idiot. Researchers had men spend a few minutes in the
People like to be looked in the eye. It shows you're trustworthy. But... Looking away will get you more dates. The dating site OKCupid.com went throug
You might feel unattractive if you've got a visible scar. But... Scars make you more attractive to women. At least one study found that women actually
If you want a woman to like you, you pay her a compliment. But... That will probably make her dislike you. Unsurprisingly, women want you to care abou

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