15 Celeb (Little-Known) Scandals

If celebrity news doesn't involve Kanye being crazy, Taylor Swift's relationships ending, or Beyonce being amazing, did it really happen?

It turns out, yes, it does. Here are some of the more strange celebrity scandals that the media just kind of glossed over.

Entry by Scott Laffey

BRUNO MARS was arrested in 2010 in Vegas for FELONY COCAINE POSSESSION. The charges were only dismissed after the singer paid a $2,000 fine, went thro

Entry by Zylie

In April of 2016, Katt Williams was arrested for battery after allegedly throwing salt shaker a at a seafood restaurant manager's mouth. Williams appa

Entry by Wyrmologist

Former Survivor contestant Michael Skupin, whom you might recognize as the guy who acquired severe burns on his hands after falling into a fire, was a

Entry by Zylie

George Lopez was arrested in 2014 for public intoxication after falling asleep on a casino floor. But it's cool. The comedian explained he had tied on

Entry by Wyrmologist

MMA fighter Jayson Mayhem Miller once broke into an Orange County church. There, he had spray-painted on walls, torn up books and pictures, set off

Entry by Kevin King

In 2015, Emile Hirsch was arrested for choking and dragging a female studio executive through a bar at the Sundance Film Festival. The actor pleaded g

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED COM On March 9, 2016, Austin Russell aka Chumlee, cast member of Pawn Stars, had his house raided by police. They found crystal meth, marijuan

Entry by stahn_lee

Boxer Manny Pacquiao CRACKED took a beating in social media in February, 2016 when, during a television interview for his senate candidacy, he said th

Entry by Maclise

Stephen Rannazzisi from The League lied about being at 9/11. 11. For 14 years Rannazzisi talked about his experience Living through 9/ 11 and how it i

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED c COM Grammy Award winning musician D'Angelo (Michael Archer) was caught soliciting an undercover prostitute in 2010. D'Angelo had been on a d


CRACKED CON Fear the Walking Dead star got arrested on the CBS studio lot. In May 2016, Frank Dillane allegedly tried to get past a security checkpo

Entry by Kevin King

DAVID O. RUSSELL GROPED HIS TEENAGE TRANSGENDERED NIECE. In 2011, the director inappropriately touched his niece while they were exercising at a hotel

Entry by Busteq

In 2007. then-president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez gave actor Danny Glover $18 million to make a movie about Toussaint L'Ouverture and Haiti's slave rev

Entry by PookieJones

In 2014, Stephen Collins admitted that he had molested 3 children some 40 years prior.


In April 2016, Vince Neil and Nicolas Cage were hanging out together in a Las Vegas casino. A woman came up to Cage to ask him for his autograph, at w