24 Priceless Pranks Pulled On (And By) Celebs

Not only are they more talented than all of us, but they're way better at pulling pranks too.
24 Priceless Pranks Pulled On (And By) Celebs

It's not enough that famous people are gorgeous, talented, and blow their noses with hundred dollar bills, but at least us plebs are more clever, right? We're the funny ones, the jokesters. Wrong. It turns out celebrities are masters at pulling off amazing pranks as well.

There are a lot of celebrities on this list—if you've been on the internet for like ten minutes, you know that George Clooney and Brad “Bad” Pitt are legendary pranksters, and that Zach Galifianaskis simply does not care, but you might be surprised at the amount of politicians here. Apparently those with their hands on the real levels of power and the keys to the nuclear codes are huge cut-ups. Especially since a few of these pranks have to do with the apocalypse. Sleep tight tonight!

(note: do not do what Chris Pratt did in real life)

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

Daniel Radcliffe got tired of photographers following him around. So he wore the same clothes every day for five months. Radcliffe noticed that when h
Chris Pratt wanted an authentic shocked face from Amy Poehler. So he went snake out in their scene together. In the episode of Parks And Rec they we
South Park co-creator Trey Parker was mostly unknown during the show's first season. OMEDY 1 So he let people think they were seeing him naked. Parker
Lyndon Johnson owned an Amphicar - a car that was also a boat. A And he thought it was hilarious to terrify his passengers with it. LBJ would pretend
In 2014, Jeff Francoeur played with the Padres' Triple-A team. And the entire team convinced him that one of the players was deaf. For a month, the te
Jim Carrey wanted to get back at Hugh Hefner for spoiling his bit. So he sent Bob Zmuda to the Playboy mansion in his place. It was at the time Carrey
Leo DiCaprio loved to bully Jonah Hill on the set of Wolfof Wall Street. And Hill got his revenge by making DiCaprio sick. DiCaprio's idea of lighthea
Andrew Sachs canceled his appearance on Russell Brand's radio show. 1 So Brand ruined Sachs' relationship with his granddaughter. Brand and co-host Jo
George Clooney is known for pranking his friends. And that one time he punked a whole town. In 2006 there were rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli
John Krasinski loves to prank Jimmy Kimmel at Christmastime. So Kimmel took his revenge with a yard sale. After four years of naked Santas, fake snow,
Former Who drummer Keith Moon loved a good practicaljoke. And his favorite involved tearing pants in half. A friend of Moon's would go into a departme
Jeff Gordon didn't care for a blogger's criticism ofhis Pepsi ad. So he scared the hell out ofhim, NASCAR-style. In the ad, Gordon takes an unsuspecti
Jared Leto wanted his Suicide Squad o-stars to believe he was The Joker. So he creeped them all out with disturbing pranks. He sent co-star Will Smith
The Oregon Legislature held a special session in February 2010. And the speakers stealth- Rickrolled them. Rep. Jefferson Smith convinced a bipartisan
Before the beard, Zach Galifianakishad a talk show on VHI. And when it was canceled, he decided to go rogue. The show was called Late World With Zach,
Donald Faison thought it'd be hilarious to punk Zach Braff. Braff responded by beating up a kid. It was during the 2005 season of Punk'd, and Faison a
Carlos Bernard wanted to prank his 24c0-star Mia Kirshner. So he had her arrested. Bernard convinced two of his police officer buddies to show up on s
Brad Pitt wanted to trick his friends into some Y2K-related panic. So he cut the phone and power and had one of them arrested. Pitt and Fight Club dir
Someone thought it'd be funny to prank the cast and crew of Titanic. So they spiked the lobster chowder with PCP. The identity of the prankster is sti
Aaron Paul's roommate thought the world would end in 2012. So Paul used dry ice to make him think it was happening: The Breaking Bad star dug a crater
Bill Clinton's staff needed to clear the West Wing for the Bush team. on So they booby-trapped the whole office. Bill Clinton's staff went to town, pr
Bert Kreischer is a comic who spends a lot oftime in hotels. So he makes things memorable for the staff. Tweeting his pranks along the way, Kreischer
Franklin D. Roosevelt had the most recognized voice in America. Yet he managed to prank-call some White House correspondents. Several members of the p
Barbara Bush found a stack of sexy photos in her printer tray. So George figured he'd prank the hell out ofher. The former First Lady was mortified to
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