42 Industry Terms Professions Use to Speak in Code

You’re pretty much going to be qualified for a ton of jobs after reading these
42 Industry Terms Professions Use to Speak in Code

Words are tricky, right? Not only do we have spend our lives learning the basics of our vocabulary, but then you have every industry making a mess of things by having its own little secret language. Hey, jerks, what are you guys saying, anyway?

Well, now you’re about to find out…

If somebody on a plane offers YOu CRACKEDCONT blue juice, don't drink it. It's the flight crew's cute nickname for the blue water in toilets.
The urge to take an annoyng patient's pillow and hold IT over their face long enough to perform an aggressive euthanasia is called pillow therapy
CRACKEDCO com E> The pucker factor, a milltary term, is a scale that measures fear by the tightness of the muscles surrounding the anus during dangero
Medical professionals refer to motorcycles as DONORCYCLES because, according to one surgeon: They are also the highest-quality s source of organs, be
The Secret Service has been using code names for U.S. presidents, family members, and other high-ranking officials since the early Z0th century. RADIA
ON AIR Although it sounds creepy dead air is just silence in a radio broadcast. CRACKED.COM
GRAGKEDCON If you see TEETH scribbled on your medical release papers, it means you're doomed. It's an acronym for Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopath
42 Industry Terms Professions Use to Speak in Code
Topless Meeting Not the kind of meeting you were imagining. It is actually a business meeting where electronic devices are banned to avoid distraction
CRACKED.COM EMS responders see a lot of frequent flyers, people who misuse the system by calling an ambulance for every little (non-emergency) situati
When a police officer calls you Adam Henry $47 he's getting REALLY POLICE SCOTT irritated with you. It's a police slang for 'asshole' A.H.). CRACKED.C
A Colombian Necktie is a method of execution by slashing the throat and pulling the victim's tongue through the slit.
CRACKEDcO Dead Cat Bounce A brief rscovrY after n long fall on the mrkeT If you throw a dead cat against a wall af a high rate of speed, if will boun
H hear Operation Bright Star you on a cruise ship, it means there's medical emergency. I #1808 ##! 11I Qperation Rising Star means a passenger has
If a doctor transfers you to the ECU, you're already dead. ECU stands for Eternal Care Unit aka the morgue.. ma
BROWN STAR CLUSTER A military term for what happens in your pants when things go really wrong.
Venture Dunce is a wannabe venture capitalist who hopes to make big money in the tech industry, but is pretty clueless about what constitutes a good
Blue Falcon A military euphemism for 'buddy f**ker'. A person who actively gets his buddy in trouble by ratting him out to the superiors. Also extends
Would Inspector Sands please report to the operations room In the United Kingdom, when there's a potential emergency such as a fire or a bomb scare,
CRACKEDcO If a salesperson rips your head off, then they've made a huge profit. Don't worry. You get a free basket for your head.
That back issue of the newspaper? Let me check the 02 03 MORGUE. Newspapers call the room they keep their printed back issues in the morgue. Digit
Some stewardesses always work in the front galley and they're very protective of that position, especially if the pilots are handsome. The light crew
Don't dream of a rose cottage loup Grapinm it's the morgue CRACKED.COM
BANANAD AUSTRALIAN TEDDY REAR aabe AND STRIPED T-SHIRT are SOme of the code words poachers use to Refer to Elephant Tusks. Koalas. and Tiger Skin. The
CRACKEDcO COM Wantrepreneur A person who always talks about starting a business but DOD never takes action. Used by entrepreneurs to showcase these ki
RING RAT In the world of Pro wrestling ring rat is who a term used for women hang around arenas and hotels after wTestling shows looking to sleep with
If a wedding photographer calls you OUUNCLE BOB it means you and your camera are ruining the professional pics.
.45 LCONNE HOL HLE OCRO INC 2000 OTO OFERATING MPLS 2l 106 38315569 MADE IN ISRAEL H In order to emphasize the individual responsibility behind gun vi
PAGING DOCTIR FRESTINE No, it's not name of a bad somE ass doctor, it's actually a code word for a fire in the hospital. CRACKEDCON
A LOT LIZARD is a prostitute who hangs COMMERCE STOP around truck stops TRUCK and solicits truckers. DIESEL EXIT ONLY EXT OY Going my way?
A DUCK A bad feature programmers intentionally add to distract the management, to give them something to complain about, thus avoiding unnecessary cha
CRAGKED.GOM FTD, short for failure to die, is used by doctors when a dying patient continues to live for weeks or months.
PUMPKIN POSITIVE A doctor's implication that if a light were shone into the patient's mouth, total lack of brain matter would allow the head to ligh
TheSFU 50 dose: However much sedative, or anti-anxiety medication it takes, to get about 50 percent of patients to shut the f--- up. CRACKEDCON
In prison snipers and killers aren't always what you thought. The discreet wankers hiding in corners are called snipers and the ones masturbating in p
On the Deep Web, steer clear of cheese pizza! It's the deep webbers' code word for child porn! CRACKED COM
Countervalue Targeting sounds like a failed marketing strategy... But if you're A nuclear strategist, it means deliberately targeting civilian areas t
CRACKEDeG OON A dead cat is a fuzzy cover designed to provide wind protection for a microphone.
Bury the hatchet'': What surgeons call it when they accidentally leave instruments inside a patient Whoops.
PINK MIST A military term that refers to the blood or brain matter splatter that results from a sniper head shot or a bomb explosion.

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