42 Industry Terms Professions Use to Speak in Code

42 Industry Terms Professions Use to Speak in Code

Words are tricky, right? Not only do we have spend our lives learning the basics of our vocabulary, but then you have every industry making a mess of things by having its own little secret language. Hey, jerks, what are you guys saying, anyway?

Well, now you’re about to find out…

Entry by djHanDon

CRACKEDcO Dead Cat Bounce A brief rscovrY after n long fall on the mrkeT If you throw a dead cat against a wall af a high rate of speed, if will boun

Entry by OlPiley

BROWN STAR CLUSTER A military term for what happens in your pants when things go really wrong.

Entry by Creatrix

That back issue of the newspaper? Let me check the 02 03 MORGUE. Newspapers call the room they keep their printed back issues in the morgue. Digit

Entry by hyenacub

A LOT LIZARD is a prostitute who hangs COMMERCE STOP around truck stops TRUCK and solicits truckers. DIESEL EXIT ONLY EXT OY Going my way?

Entry by OlPiley

PUMPKIN POSITIVE A doctor's implication that if a light were shone into the patient's mouth, total lack of brain matter would allow the head to ligh

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