21 Sequels That Missed The Originals' Point

Who needs sequels to make sense when millions of dollars are at stake?
21 Sequels That Missed The Originals' Point

When it comes to storytelling, Hollywood is pretty good at it. Just think of how many movies you're loved. It's a lot, right? When it comes to linking one story to what is supposed to be a continuation of it, Hollywood is not so great at that. Just think of how many sequels you're hated. It's a lot, right?

If you need evidence of that, look no further than this collection of sequels that were obviously made by people who either missed the point of the original, didn't give a shit, or just flat out never saw the first film. The most egregious might be Jurassic World having a functioning Dino Park while hailing John Hammond as a visionary Dino Park Tycoon, when the entire original be about the opposite of those things. But that's just scratching the surface.

As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.

The moral of Jurassic Park is that we can't control nature. Then in Jurassic World, we control the sh*t out of it. Remember life finds a way? In Wor
Chicago gets leveled in the third Transformers movie. REMEMBER CHICAGO REPORT ALIEN ACTIVITY 855 8392 But in Age Of Extinction, it's destroyed a secon
RoboCop revels in graphic violence and satire. RoboCop 3 reins it in for the kiddies. It's a pretty fair indicator of how far the sequel strayed from
Highlander is the story of ancient dueling Scots. But in the sequel, they're banished aliens. There isn't a whole lot of lore in the original movie, b
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids ends with a feast of giant food. By the sequel, Dr. Szalinski forgets how to enlarge stuff. In Honey, I Blew UP The Kid, Wayn
In X-Men: The Last Stand, Bolivar Trask is tall and Black. In Days Of Future Past, he is 4-foot-5 and white. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Trask is played
Speed is about a fast-paced h-speed chase. Speed 2 takes place on a slow-moving cruise ship. In the original movie Sandra Bullock plays Annie, who is
The message of First Blood is that war is utterly awful. But in Rambo: First Blood Part , war is awesome. In the first movie, John Rambo is a seriousl
Planet Of The Apes warns man about the dangers of military buildup. The new installments warn man about the dangers of smart monkeys. In the 1968 film
Lawnmower Man takes place in the present time. Its sequel takes place in the distant future. Despite the fact that Peter (the boy from the first movie
Bruce Lee died during the filming of Game Of Death. Yet he appears in Game Of Death . Eight years after Lee's death and actual funeral were incorporat
In Jaws, Brody takes out the shark in the open sea. In Jaws: The Revenge, his wife remembers him doing it. In the fourth Jaws movie Ellen Brody goes t
21 Sequels That Missed The Originals' Point
Halloween is about being hunted by Michael Myers. Halloween IL is about masks. One established fact about Halloween movies is that they star the unkil
In Captain America, the evil Zola is taken into custody. In Winter Soldier, he's not captive at that moment. In Captain America: The First Avenger; Bu
The whole point of Crank is that Chev is going to die. Yet he returns for a sequel. Chev's been poisoned, so he decides to go out falling from a helic
In Tron, Flynn lasers himself into a computer. He does it again in the sequel, and nobody can figure out where he went. In Tron: Legacy Flynn moves eq
In Bruce Almighty, God teaches Bruce a lesson. In Evan AImighty, God pretty much just f*cks with Evan. Bruce is given godly powers to make him humble
The Alien franchise is about killing face-raping aliens. Except for Resurrection, which is about loving them. Alien: Resurrection sees Ripley return a
The Blair Witch Project was cleverly marketed to look like a found-footage film. Then they made a sequel. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is just a reg
The Men In Black protect Earth from alien invasions. But in MIB 3, we learn there was a shield protecting us. In the third film, the villain travels b

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