We've all heard the cliched lines about karma -- but cliches come from somewhere, right? We asked our readers to bring us the most bizarre tales of karma that'll make you go "Man, yeah -- she really is a bitch." Winner got a 100 bones ...

Entry by Designadrug

During the height of McCarthy-era book-burning a young author had their book rejected by every editor and publisher in the United States.. Except one.

Entry by bohemian

Michael Mastromarinol became a millionaire by stealing bones, organ tissue and other body parts from more than 1,200 corpses. About 000 patients unkno

Entry by sureal

Before the opening game of the 2000 The game was called off just before season, Lee Corso remarked that kickoff due to lightning strikes in and Virgin

Entry by TeaEl952

In 1981, Michael Anderson Godwin was sentenced to die in the electric chair. charged with murder and sexual assault. However, upon retrial, he was acq

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