23 Mind Hacks You Don't Realize Marketers Use On You Daily

23 Mind Hacks You Don't Realize Marketers Use On You Daily

Ever wonder how popular things got, well, popular? And we aren't talking from the company side, we mean when the ball is in our court. Why do we dumb meatbags make things either big hits or forgotten, depressing failures?

Well, it turns out there's a science to it, one that successful companies are experts in. Pretty much, they're playing us like a bunch of soft, fleshy fiddles. For instance ...

Entry by stahn_lee

STARBUCKS CRACKED is the biggest coffee chain in the world with over 22,500 stores worldwide as of 2014! Their closest competitor lags far behind with

Entry by CZM

How many ketchup brands can you name? Heinz is king, and it goes on everything. Why? HEINZ Science says it's the 80 perfect flavor. TOMATO KETCHUP SZR

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