19 Most Misleading Statistics (That Are Technically Correct)

19 Most Misleading Statistics (That Are Technically Correct)

When the math adds up, the numbers never lie. They're infallible, concrete, impossible to argue with -- however you want to spin it, they make one solid point. Oh, wait -- did we say spin?

Yes, spin. As you're about to find out, it turns out that even innocent statistics can be twisted to support any nefarious thing you want to prove. Guess numbers do lie and we were right for never going to our math classes.

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Third-generation oral contraceptive pills increase the risk of a thrombosis by 100%. The study released in 1995, ti issued by the British Committee on

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Marijuana is now seen in more ER patients than heroin This is the type of out-of-context statistic the DEA likes to use to justify why it classifies

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In 2012 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reportedly detected an increase in the incidence of autism in children 15 14. 13 P 12. 11 10. 9 e 8 n 7 C

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