22 Evolutionary Advantages Of Seemingly WTF Bodily Functions

It turns out our allergies are a bizarre defense mechanism.
22 Evolutionary Advantages Of Seemingly WTF Bodily Functions

Our bodies are awesome mechanisms when you take a good look at them. It takes a lot to keep them going, and all the moving parts that allow us to fart without dying is really a beautiful thing.

Of course, at the same time, they're also super weird and we have all sorts of questions about why they do the things they do. Thankfully, most of those questions have answers, and AuntieMeme has them for you.

Wondering why people have allergies? They're a leftover defense against a deadly disease. A recent study discovered the likely cause of our overactive
Think your pubic hair is for modesty? It isn't. It's to attract mates. Over time, humans went from hairy to hairless, with a couple of exceptions. The
Why do fingers prune up in the tub? It's to improve your grip on wet surfaces. Scientists have confirmed in the lab that wrinkly fingers improve our g
What is the point of being ticklish? It teaches you to protect your most vulnerable spots. The most ticklish parts of our bodies (our ribs and neck) a
Fingernails on a chalkboard make you crazy? Your brain might think you're in danger. Scientists: noted that the frequency of annoying high-pitched sou
Got a friend who's a picky eater? X4 TOXIC They've probably got a gene that saved our species. It's likely your friend is a supertaster, and has a hig
Wondering why our wisdom teeth don't fit? It's because we're not eating as many plants. Earlier versions of humans had larger jaws, which were more su
OCD can be debilitating. Despite the fact that it's become a cultural punchline, it's a very real, often crippling disorder. And it also might have sa
Morning sickness is miserable. But for early humans it was a lifesaver. The foods that are most likely to trigger vomiting (reD meat, eggs, poultry, a
Human babies are helpless. Especially compared to other animals. 2 3ces (3/Bt) 3V3t + 1Sin 3 And it's all because of our giant brains. Because of our
Why do humans laugh? And why do they laugh when nothing's funny? It's ancient code for everything's COOl.' Scientists speculate that laughter evolve
See that Iittle pink blob in the corner of your eye? It's what's left of your third eyelid. That little blob is called a nictating membrane, and it's
Wondering why we have seasonal affective disorder? Scientists think it led to healthier babies. Some researchers think seasonal bipolarity helped preh
Why are humans the only hairless primates? Scientists think it's because of parasites. A furry coat is the perfect breeding ground for disease-carryin
Choking on food is mostly a human phenomenon. And we choke because we can talk. Human vocal cords evolved down low in the throat, giving humans a broa
Ever wonder why we get goosebumps ? They're a leftover from when we were furrier. Goosebumps are caused by the tiny muscles at the base of our hair fo
Can you wiggle your ears? You might be less evolved than the rest of us. Ear wiggling is what's left of the animal ability to turn the ear in the dire
Blushing is a very human behavior. And it's helped our species to survive. Blushing is a nonverbal signal of appeasement, and admission of wrongdoing.
Wondering how autism survived evolution? Easy. Autists were badass hunter-gatherers. While most of our ancestors were busy hunting and foraging in gro
The testicles are incredibly vulnerable And evolution made them easy to kick. Because sperm survives best outside the body, and because men evolved to
If we don't need an appendix, why is it there? Because early man ate more roughage. The widely-held explanation is that the appendix is an extension o
ADHD is a genetic condition. It also helped nomadic people to survive. In ancient times, nomads needed to be good at a large number of things, in orde

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