26 Side By Side Comparisons That Fix Our Image Of History

26 Side By Side Comparisons That Fix Our Image Of History

Through Hollywood, jingoism, school, word of mouth, and bad use of Google, we like to think we have this whole history thing down pat. Of course, anyone who takes a second look at that list will realize that in fact, no, we don't know shit about history at all.

Add in school, bullies, talk radio, every manner of television and the internet and uncles who spend too much time on Facebook, and we quickly realized how much crap we've been fed. Like all kinds of stuff we take as gospel - we're talking about Winston Churchill speeches, Martin Luther nailing stuff to doors, everything about Pocahontas ever written, the Salem Witch Trials and so much more. Come along as we grab our surly uncle by the ear and set him straight. He'll undoubtedly come along willingly. If you have such an uncle, well…

Lucky for you, debunking historical myths is a Cracked specialty.

Entry by mkad

The common understanding is that But whenever America went to during WWll, suddenly, women war the women picked up the showed that they could do the w

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