20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture

Someone wash Loki's mouth out with some soap. Yikes.
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture

They say our culture is sex-crazy, and it's kind of hard to disagree with that notion, what with how plentiful and disturbing our selection of pornography is. But wank films aside, we can't even escape sex in the most innocent and innocuous of places.

As you're about to see, thanks to the work of AuntieMeme, if someone can slip a dick joke in somewhere, they will. Just take a look at ...

In Toy Story, Sid's creations are pretty disturbing. ESPECIALLY SINCE A THERE'S A HOOKER, BOUNCER, AND A ONE-EYED ERECTOR SET. CRACKED COM https llyou
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture
Brown Sugar is a catchy Rolling Stones tune from the '70s. On the surface, it seems to be about the joys of romance with African-American women. ROLLI
In the movie Cars, there's a truckstop. Top Down TRUCKSTOP COSETILE LAST TRUCK STO Top Dow TENCEISTED FOR 500 IT HAS A TOPLESS BAR. It's called Top Do
In The Avengers, Loki calls Black Widow a mewling quim. MEWLING MEANS WHINING. QUIM IS THE BRITISH SLANG FOR FEMALE GENITALIA. CRACKED COM hmollwwve
If you're doing Booty Bay quests in World of Warcraft, you'l interact with Enormous Shawn Stooker. THE NAME MEANS HUGE PENIS. It's from Young Frankens
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture
Rugrats was a show about babies. AND ALSO ABOUT' CIRCUMCISION. Girl baby: Man. They cut my cord. Boy Baby (staring into diaper): Consider yourself luc
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture
In Moonraker, James Bond thwarts a scientist bent on global genocide. AND Q COMMENT'S How ON MUCH SEX BOND IS HAVING. The American and British authori
The Bride in Kill Bill is clear in her purpose RIGHT DOWN THE TO SOLES OF SHOES, HER WHICH SAY FUCK U. CRACKED COM htoliwwmiramaxconsubscriotmathuma
20 Hilarious Dirty Jokes Hidden In Pop Culture
In Hook, Peter Pan gets in an insult contest with Rufio. CALLS TIM AND HE A NEARSIGHTED GYNECOLOGIST. Leave it to Robin Williams to imply that a pre
Aberforth is Albus Dumbledore's brother. HE'S INTO AND GOAT BESTIALITY. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore says that his brother was p
In Frozen, Anna and Christophe talk about Hans. ASKS HER AND HE DICK SIZE. ABOU'T HIS Christophe is pressing Anna for details about Hans. Christophe:
Dr. Who is about a time traveler who explores the eons in his TARDIS. WITH AND HE SLEEPS 1. QUEEN ELIZABETH The show makes several puns about sex betw
Burger King Singapore created this ad to sell its hot dog-shaped burger. IT JUST TASTES BURGER KKING BETTER IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY IS THE BURGER BK
The face-huggers in Alien are truly terrifying. AND WHEN YOU FLIP THEM OVER, THEY'RE VAGINAS. Technically, they're vaginas that force a penis down you
She Bop was a bouncy pop song by Cyndi Lauper. SELF SERVICE IT'S MAWUAHDOU'T In the song, she sings about how she can't stop messin' with the danger

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