23 Clever Shopping Hacks Stores Don't Want You To Know

When buying a car, get out quick and don't let the salesperson throw in any add-ons.
23 Clever Shopping Hacks Stores Don't Want You To Know

Are you broke? Don't lie to us, of course you are! Everybody is! And it's not just because of your crippling addiction to streaming services, it's because you're letting yourself get taken for a ride literally everywhere you spend money.

Do you know the Poor Man's Big Mac? You totally should. Read on, we'll hook you up. Save on funeral expenses by donating your body to science. Buy your cheese from the dairy section instead of the deli section - it's just jacked-up there. Shop online at places that have a chat - you just might be able to negotiate price more than you think, and who knows - you just might make a new friend. And those souvenirs, yeah, don't pay the airline to ship them home - UPS or USPS is just so much cheaper.

So consider this your Presidents Day PSA and never leave money on the table again using these simple tips.

Amazon Them Anywhere! Major retailers like Walmart and Target will directly lower their prices to match online sites like Amazon. Do these steps on yo
Is your old refrigerator still running? rayit ENEPGY STR Better catch up with the times. A refrigerator bought today can save over $100 each year in e
n The Poor Man's Big Mac A Big Mac costs upwards of $4. Instead, order two McDoubles from the dollar menu, hold the ketchup and mustard and add lettuc
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ebay You can buy items at a bargain on eBay by looking for items with typos in their names! Because those items are misspelled, other buyers couldn't
Some massage schools will offer free or discounted massages to the public to help give the students a chance to practice their skillls. CRACKEDCON
'Great news! Your loan approval will also cover our professional fabric protection service!' Don't do it! Car salespeople receive additional commissio
You can help the future of medicine and save on funeral expenses by donating your body to science! When the medical school is done studying your body,
Did you find a great deal on a hotel room on a third party site? Great! But before you book, call the hotel's direct line to see if they will offer yo
Did you get a gift card instead DARENN of cash for Christmas because your family doesn't trust you g. with money? No worries! 10 chs Barnes HAPPY OUTH
CRACKED COMT Mmmmm, CHEESE! When shopping for cheese at your local supermarket, avoid the deli section and buy from the dairy case instead. Deli chees
Tthe simplest way to save money on food is to just eat what you buy Americans waste up to an estimated $2,000 a year on uneaten groceries CRAGKED'COM
Put less money where your mouth is! You can get discounted or even free dental care by visiting a local dental school. The students need real patients
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CRAGKEDCO Hate paying five bucks in ATM charges just to take out $20? ATM Just ring a cheap item like a 1000O pack of gum at the grocery E store and r
Next time you go online shopping, try looking for shops with 'live chat.' You can negotiate with chat operators for a lower price and ask for coupon c
Need a wedding vendor for your big day? If you want a good deal from them, don't tell them that you are having a wedding. Just say that it's a family
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BANANA REPUBLIC CINEMARK Your student ID can save you tons of money. Before making any purchase, check the brand's company website to see if they offe
Kroger Stores give away a free item GRAU every Friday. Kroger MManbepice Simply check their website before you go shopping. FREE Friday DOWNLOAD Krogu
This doesn't always work, but if you're being taken to court by a collections agency, there's a single phrase, that if you use in court, can often let
Waiting in Line? Power-Up that discount! $10 OFF A simple search on your phone: EAN Store nou name coupon EN aloMO watid Will often reveal a powerful

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