24 Clever Shopping Hacks Stores Don't Want You To Know

24 Clever Shopping Hacks Stores Don't Want You To Know

Are you broke? Don't lie to us, of course you are! Everybody is! And it's not just because of your crippling addiction to streaming services, it's because you're letting yourself get taken for a ride literally everywhere you spend money.

Do you know the Poor Man's Big Mac? You totally should. Read on, we'll hook you up. Save on funeral expenses by donating your body to science. Buy your cheese from the dairy section instead of the deli section - it's just jacked-up there. Shop online at places that have a chat - you just might be able to negotiate price more than you think, and who knows - you just might make a new friend. And those souvenirs, yeah, don't pay the airline to ship them home - UPS or USPS is just so much cheaper.

So consider this your Presidents Day PSA and never leave money on the table again using these simple tips.

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